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Yeah, it's an odd posting, but there's been a lot happening as of late that seems to be somewhat Deja Vu. Do you ever feel like you're caught in a vicious whirlpool, down spiraling to a sudden doom? It's kinda like a toilet.

Today my family went to Wal-mart. Not once, but thrice. (see post - Conspiracy Theory #1 06/29/08)

I went and watched the movie Monsters vs. Aliens, and although my kids loved it and I found myself chuckling a bit, they insisted on using inappropriate language. What gives? Are there honestly people out there sitting in an animated move right now that are frustrated that the giant cartoon mouse isn't swearing more? Are these people the same sort that I have to literally yank my steering wheel in the opposite direction in order to avoid smashing them into the cart corral at Wal-mart? I think so. (see post - Time for A Rant o1/20/09)

I had another sleep episode while on my trip to Yosemite. No one was there to wake me? No sweet little wife around to call me names and tell me to go back to sleep. So, I tried for a few solid minutes to break into the adjoining hotel room through the door. Poor suckers. Thought they'd get away from it all and enjoy a nice vacation in nature. Thought they'd be safe from the crazies of the outside world. I repeat, poor suckers. (see literally every other post on this blog.)

I realize I don't know how to get off the telephone with someone. What typically should be an easy process of... goodbye, sends my mind spinning. What do I say? I'm done talking and now I wish the phone would just disconnect, but in all honesty that would be horrific because then I would be forced to call the person back and apologize for the bad connection, thus putting myself back into the same awkward situation as before. Only this time I'd have nothing to talk about. When I talk to family members it usually takes me several attempts to find the right words to end the conversation. Here's an example. The little (...) have been put in to indicate the other person talking.
"Well, I had better go," ... "Yeah, the kids are screaming," ... "Well take care," ... "I'll probably call you sometime later this week," ... "well take care," ... "Uh huh," ... "Ha ha ha, yeah, you too," ... "mmm hmmm," ... "I will," ... "tell everyone hi for me," ... "You too," ... "Ha, yeah, I'll see you," ... "OK," ... "Mbye." That's painful! Like lemon juice in an open wound! (see post Stress 01/31/09)

I think the Wall-Knocker is on vacation. I haven't heard he or she in quite a while. I'd almost venture to say that I miss him or her. (see post Nostalgic Moment #15 09/27/08)

Life is one big circle. Either that or I am just out of new material. Yeah... that could be it.

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