Yet another rerun but a cool one

So I'm in this kinda retro mood; looking back at times past and things that I blogged about and I have to do another post on my cool son Jackson. Jackson has proven to be quite determined when it comes to his karate. Now of course there is some gentle persuasion that us parents had to do to convince him to stick with it, but really we haven't done much. When he says he wants to quit we generally say that's fine, but by the time practice rolls around the following week he's ready to go.

We did have a set-back a few months ago when he tested for his purple belt. He had passed the first two relatively easily, but really struggled with this test. Jackson, hadn't had that much rejection in his life and when he discovered (in front of every one's parents in a gym... brutal) that he did advance, but not to the purple belt (just to orange second degree) he was devastated. After that, it was pretty clear he didn't want to go on and what could we do but support him. He said that he was finished with karate and that he would do something else instead. It seemed as though his mind was set, that was until he was watching Kung Fu Panda later the next evening. I love that show on so many levels! As the show neared the end and Po stuck with his training (don't worry, I won't spoil it,) I mentioned to Jackson that Po kept going and look what happened. Jackson, looked at me and Heidi and said I'm not quitting karate. And he didn't. This past Thursday after another tough three month session, Jackson advanced to the purple belt! What a stud and an inspiration! Way to go pal!

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