The Winner and The Weirdo

Wow! I really appreciate the support of this contest. I noticed a bump in my fans of my author page. You guys must like free stuff from cool authors. And when I say cool, I'm referring to BK Bostick. So, here's how I decided the winner and you tell me if you think its fair. I took all of the recent LIKES to my page and then I added anyone who commented about the contest, whether on my blog, or on facebook, or Goodreads and then I put those names in a randomizer and selected the winner. No, not everyone who LIKED my page prior to the contest was entered, because I've done that before and it turned out the winning person no longer cared about Frank Cole anymore and never read any of my stuff or anything like that. To make a long story short, I posted the winning name and to this day they have never claimed their prize. Sad. That was like a year and a half ago. So if you've come back after your long hiatus and you scroll through the previous posts to discover you were the one who never claimed your prize, I'll still give it to you.

Those were the parameters I put in place and the winner from the randomizer is....

Amber Jensen!

Wahoo! You're the winner not the weirdo. Read all the way to the bottom and you'll discover the real weirdo.

So Amber, shoot me an e-mail with your address and I will mail you your prize. What I lucky gal.

Okay, here's the next contest and give-a-way:

1. Post a link to my facebook Author Page on your facebook page with these magic words: Check out this weirdo! Wait. No, don't do that. I'll never get any fans that way. How about something along the lines of: This guy writes cool books and has great hair (hee, hee! What a crock! I don't write cool books!) Crud muffins. Just post a link and say something that makes you happy. Then, somehow let me know. I prefer a comment or a post on my author page or blog or a package of Pull-a-part Cherry Twizzlers (my personal favorite) with a note adhered to the plastic.

Here's the Link - https://www.facebook.com/FrankL.Cole

I think if you copy and paste it in the Update your Status spot, it should work.

That's it. Do that and I'll give you an entry into the drawing. Oh, and if you're new to the world of Frank L. Cole, first off welcome, secondly just like my author page and I'll enter you as well. I'm all about sharing and caring.

And here's the prize. The winner will receive an autographed copy of Tyler Whitesides debut novel Janitors!

Yes, I am generous.

I'll announce the winner next Sunday.

Also, I'm a presenter at the 2012 Teen Author's Boot Camp at UVU and the required a short video clip of myself for their website. I basically took all of the outtakes and combined them into one clip. It's quite embarrassing, but... oh well.


numberonedashnerfan said...

haha, Love it! :) thanks for making my day! keep being awesome!

Diana said...


okay! I did it!
And I love the fact that you said "crud muffins". I say crud muffins!


Jo Schaffer said...

(= Wooot!
You complete me.

The word verification on this comment is cushi. Ummm... what?

Lois D. Brown said...

I see where the great hair comment comes from. Excellent!

Lois D. Brown said...

I see where the great hair comment comes from. Excellent!

Lois D. Brown said...

No idea why there was a double post. Sorry 'bout that.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha! Seriously love your FACE! That was beyond perfect! Can't wait to hang at the Boot Camp this year! Thanks for the shout out!

Write Chick said...

Hahahaha! That was great. Loved it!!! I have to admit though, I kind of wish that had been a box of doughnuts behind you. Might have made for some great Frank Cole "eating" moments. :-) You are awesome.

Katie Marie said...

I posted on facebook! And just if you're curious this is what I said,

"If you like Children Literature, check out this Utah based author! He came and spoke to my fourth graders a while back and he is hilarious! And so are his books! :)"

I have a lot of teacher friends so hopefully this will help you out!