Book Give-A-Way

Has it really been 3 weeks since I last blogged? Yep, the weather's definitely colder, I just turned off my sprinklers for the year, we carved up some pumpkins, told the kids my own rendition of the Headless Horseman (only made it about 10 minutes before they freaked out and slept on our floor.) It wasn't that scary.

To be honest I've been busy writing, which, if you read this blog, is what I live to do. I'm working on so many projects at once, it's really crazy. My newest book has quickly become my all-time favorite, but that's the beauty of writing. Each new book you write is like a new child. You always like the next one better... right? That's not true. I love all of my kids equally as do I my books, except for this new one. It is seriously going to earn valedictorian.... if it were human. Maybe they're not like children, but kinda. Think about it. Books make you cry. Kids make you cry. Books can make you laugh. My kids are somewhat funny. Some books really stink. HELLO!!!

I recently hung out at Authorpaloosa with my buddies B.K. Bostick and Berin Stephens. We had fun shooting the breeze, watching the long lines of fans for Jessica Day George, and being a little envious. Well, come on, if you've heard of Jessica's books, then you know she's deserving of every long line of fans she gets. She rocks!

I also saw Ally Condie, NYT Bestselling Author of Matched and soon to be Crossed which comes out in November. I know you ladies have heard of her and have slobbered over her books. Ally is awesome! So down to earth, so humble, and good grief the woman is about to blast off to another planet with how outrageously huge her books are going to be. I think I read somewhere how Disney optioned the rights of Matched to make a movie.

Here's a pic:

Notice how Ally seems a little creeped out by me? Notice how I look like that guy that sits all alone in the booth behind you at Pizza Hut eating a large pizza all by himself while arguing with the jar of red pepper flakes? That's because I am that guy and those red pepper flakes are morons.


I'm giving away a book this week. All you have to do to enter the drawing is LIKE my author page on facebook. Many of you already LIKE my Hashbrown Winters page and some of you LIKE my Guardians of the Hidden Scepter page, I just want you to LIKE my Frank L. Cole Author page. I know! Why do I have so many different pages? It's because I'm a red pepper flake (psst! That's code for moron from this day forth.) Soon, I'll probably only have an author page, but I'll keep you posted on all of my books from there. Is this confusing? It's confused me.

Okay. Step by Step.

1. LIKE my Author Page. Follow this link to do that:  Frank L. Cole

2. Let me know you've done. You can do this by commenting on this post, or on my facebook page, or via messenger pigeon if you'd like. 

3. CROSS your fingers. 

4. I'll announce the winner on Tuesday, November 1st, at some point during the day before midnight.

You could become the proud owner of an autographed copy of B.K. Bostick's brand new middle grade novel, Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure.

Now how cool is that?


The-BookNommer said...

I liked your author page!

Kristen said...

I should get two entries because I liked your fan page even before you were a red pepper flake!

Cokie K said...

I like your page, too. My granddaughter, Lanelle, would love this book. She is 11 today. i will be using "red pepper flake" instead of moron from now on. lol

Frank Cole said...

We all should use red pepper flake from now on. It's safer.

Melissa said...

Liked it and I love red pepper flakes!