An Eyeball in My Garden

I mentioned in my last post I would have exciting news in my next entry and  it wouldn't be about me this time. Well, I'm holding true to my promise and I'm very excited to announce the upcoming release of a wicked new book. That's right, I said wicked. So what of it? I can say wicked if I want to. It's my blog.

Coming out in September published by Marshall Cavendish books is a collection of spine-tingling poems for children entitled, An Eyeball in My Garden, selected and edited by Jennifer Cole Judd and Laura Wynkoop.

This book is awesome! I've seen the galleys, read most of the poems, and I must say if you have kids or you just like books, you're going to need to buy it... right now! And you can do it by clicking right HERE!!! Now, if you've read my blog before you know it takes me awhile to work up to begging people to buy my own books. Oh all right, I'll admit it, I can be shameless at times and I beg and plead for your support, but I'm not that bad, really... But now, I'm not begging, I'm flat out telling you (kindly, with soft words and gently playing Kenny G. music in the background) to preorder this book! I just preordered one and there's a slime chance I'll get my own one of these days for free. That's support if I do say so myself and yes I know I wrote the word slime instead of slim in the last sentence and no I'm not changing it. I thought about it, but then decided it kinda fit with the theme of this post so there. Slime chance.... that's now the new title of my next book.

No it's not.

Back to this book! You won't regret buying it. It's perfect for Halloween. Hey, any rich people out there should go buy like a couple hundred and hand them out for trick-o-treaters this year. Wouldn't that just be a hoot?

That's Jennifer COLE Judd of the Frankie Cole family clan! My big sister (she's not big, she's just old... sorry Jen) is getting published! Now, let me clarify. Jen has had her poems published many times in all sorts of cool magazines including Spider Magazine for kids. She was the first to break into the publishing world and is by far the best writer of the family. I owe a lot to Jen. For starters, none of my books would have ever made it had she not ripped into them and helped me smooth them out.

Jen drives me crazy because I'll be talking on the phone to her, telling her about a story idea, and she'll say something like "Oh it would be cool if your character said something like this..." Then she says something that blows me away and I have to pull my car over to the side of the road and scramble to find paper and pen to write it down. Of course when I ask her to repeat what she just said... she can't and then she says something like, "Don't write it like that I was just making something up." AARGH! is what I say!! AARGH! Why do lines come so easy for her? It's because she's a poet that's why. She's always writing and speaking poetically. It can be annoying at times for the simple-minded like myself, but for the most part, it's inspiring. I still remember her amazing poem The Warrior Atmos. I dreamt about that thing for months.

Anyways, An Eyeball in My Garden is a collection of poems from several different authors. Jen's poetry critique group got together and wrote a bunch of spooky poems, and Jen and Laura worked as editors on the project. So you'll get a selection of great poems with awesome illustrations. Seriously, the illustrator, Johan Olander, has got some talent. Go to his website HERE to check him out and all his work. Really cool. And I don't know Laura Wynkoop, but she's got to be awesome and now she's practically family. Hey Laura, you're in charge of yams at our next Thanksgiving dinner. Thought you'd like to know.

All right, I've said my piece for now, but I'm sure I'll say more as soon as this book arrives. So... what are you waiting for? I'm not seeing that Amazon ranking number drop! You're wasting time and all the good copies are going to be taken before you get a chance to buy it. Hurry up!!!


Laura said...

Frank, I don't know you all that well either, but you crack me up! And I'll make sure to bring the yams. ;)

Taylor said...

I can't wait to get my copy, I won it from the giveaway! Your post cracked me up! XD