Bridger Beans

I'll repeat it for those that don't read the titles of blog posts. Bridger Beans. That is what I want my pen name to be if I'm ever big enough to require a pen name for the safety of my family. Bridger Beans. I like the sound of that. Oh it wasn't an easy choice. I went through a ton of worthy candidates:

  • Gorman Pinterworth
  • Marcus Free
  • Wiley Miggs
  • Maverick Ice Man
  • Goose Patee 
  • AJ Slater
But I like Bridger Beans. So, one day perhaps in the near future, when you're out at your local bookstore, keep your eyes peeled for the latest bestselling thriller. If you see the double B, shoot an e-mail and tell me you love my work. I'll play it cool and act like I don't know what you're talking about, but later we'll laugh together. 

Bridger Beans.

Now, I need to run through some things very quickly. I mean turbo fast. Here goes:

  1. The Lakers ruined my life. I'm a huge basketball fan and have been that way for most of my life. I'm not afraid to say it, I love Michael Jordan. I wish I liked Kobe, because he's amazing at basketball, but I don't... so.... I may be the first to try and throw a pillow through drywall tonight due to my anger. Heidi's worried. 
  2. I now own a Mac. After much deliberation, I decided to try something new. I've been a PC owner forever, but people kept telling me to try out the Mac experience. So I did and so far it's been fun. To illustrate this point... enjoy this video.
  3. I've got amazing news that I want to share in a couple of days so stay tuned. Yes, I know, it'll probably be about me and my writing. And I know you may be sick of hearing about it, but come on. Just join me in celebration every now and then people!
That's it for tonight. Remember keep your eyes open for the future and by future I mean Bridger Beans. Also, heaven help you because I have a Mac and making videos just got easier. There will be a lot more in the future... I'm afraid.

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Elise Peterson: said...

Frank.....what did I just spend 15 seconds of my life watching? And I'm surprised you didn't at least consider a pen name that ended in Gandolfo. Or just that name by itself. I can hear it now. "Did you read the new best seller by Gandolfo? "