A Maddening Month of Madness!!!

Boy, time flies when you're busy. May's been a crazy month, what with Disneyland and school visits and everything else going on. I realized today I haven't blogged in more than 2 weeks and my last blog post was really kind of a cop out. I didn't have to write anything because the video said it all. In case you missed it you can scroll down to the next post and enjoy or click HERE, which will do that for you... lazy!

Let's fill you in on all that has happened shall we?

End of April beginning of May (can't remember the dates because it's been so long ago) - Went to Disneyland with Heidi's family. It was a blast and probably the best Disney trip I've been on in quite a while. Disney World when I was a child with my folks is still tops because I was young and everything seemed even more magical, but this trip was a keeper. I think I mentioned it in the previous post, but I seriously ate like 4 corn dogs while I was there. Yeah, I know, 4 corn dogs is weak sauce typically, but these things are massive and amazing. They take up the whole stick. I did have to make my own Fry Sauce (that's ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together... it's a Utah thing. I thought it was weird too when I first heard about it, but then I tried it and fries and dogs just don't taste the same without it.) Can I get a woot for Fry Sauce? WOOT! Sorry, I read some body's tweet today and they Wooted (not sure if you can use that in the past tense) so I wanted to Woot and sense I didn't have anything else to Woot about in this paragraph, I Wooted for fry sauce and you should too. Right now. Do it! Open your window and give big Woot for Fry Sauce.

Going on...

May 12th I headed up to Davis County and visited a couple of Junior Highs and a High School! Yep, a real live High School. I'm not making this up and it turns out High School is exactly the way they describe it in books. Scary, gigantic, filled with kids that could easily cram me into a locker for good. And I'm 30...s three times removed.  Honestly though, the kids (can I really call them that) were awesome. I had a blast chatting up my whole writing adventures and I have to say the future of writing is in good hands... not my hands, their hands. Later that afternoon I arrived at the Davis County School District and was the Keynote Speaker at the Davis County Young Writers' Awards Conference. It was an incredible honor and I was humbled by the talent of these highly-skilled teenagers. Several passages were read from the Anthology of their award-winning writers and I was literally dumbfounded. I wish I could write like that! The Superintendent could only read a few paragraphs from each passage and it wasn't enough. I was left hanging... craving more. I'll repeat it, the future looks bright!

May 21st-22nd It was off to Heber to attend Wasatch Wasps High School book fair. I got to rub shoulders with some really cool fellow authors: Berin Stephens, author of The Dragon War Relic, Alicia Buck, author of Flecks of Gold, and Marilyn Bundersen, author of The Mark. It was great to learn a thing or too, hang out with my B&N buddies (Brandi, Melyn, Michelle, Rachel), sign some books, and chill with the good people of Heber.

May 24th - I attended the Sprucewood Elementary Book Fair at the Southtowne Barnes and Noble. I love that school! They're such huge supporters of Hashbrown and their teaching staff is top notch. I even stopped by the school in the early afternoon to make an announcement and there was just so much excitement.

May 25th - I attended the Welby Elementary Book Fair at the Jordan Landing Barnes and Noble. Another great evening of book signing and meeting some new friends. Hopefully I'll get some more opportunities to visit these schools. They've been good to me and I love spreading the fever of reading!

May 28th - 30th - Took a little R&R up (over? under?) to Star Valley in Wyoming. I'm lucky to have some really great friends that thought it would be okay if Heidi, me, and the kids could come hang with all their family in this really cool barn converted into a cabin. Wait, did I say R&R... that was a lie. I almost died when everyone decided it would be cool to scale a mountain and rappel off the side. Don't get me wrong, I love rappelling. It's a trip, but when the only way you can make it up to the launch point of the mountain is by being bitten by a radioactive spider... it poses a slight problem. Well, I guess you only live once and I just about did. Whatever that means. I did have a blast though and I realized I need to get in shape. So I've started running. Where? Just around the block and back. I know crazy huh? Why would I run if no one's chasing me? It's one of those phenomenons.

Anyways, that was my month. Throw in some tee-ball games, some pick-up basketball, a neighborhood barbecue, and some car problems and that about rounds it out.

Check back in at the end of the week when I have some really awesome news and no it's not always about me. I'm not that big-headed. Although, I really do have a big head... Thanks for pointing it out.

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