New Years Resolution 2010

I can't believe another year has passed us. Can you believe it? With the passing of another year comes the great (inconvenient) obligation of setting my resolutions. It's kind of like passing a kidney stone... or not. Sorry, that's a bad comparison. Have I ever told my kidney stone story? It's a little graphic, but sure to guarantee a few laughs and maybe some greater respect for how the human body makes rocks. Maybe I'll make a resolution to tell that story. The good news (for me at least) is that since I've been doing this blog for more than a year, I have access to my previously New Year's Resolutions. Usually I lose them and forget what it was I resolved to do. Not this year! Here's a recap of my goals for 2009:

1. Get published - If you look back at my first post on this blog, I was griping about rejection letters and how I didn't know how to remove myself from the rejection pile. This was a goal that I'm proud to say I accomplished not once, but twice in 09'!

2. Lose weight - I lost 20 pounds this year (which is a record for me) and gained it all back literally overnight (another record.)

3. Read 24 books (novels) - I read 21. I had complete control over this goal, but there are periods in my life where nothing sounds good to read and nothing can keep my attention (that includes my own books so don't judge me.)

4. Run a 5K - Snort!

5. Get another book published - Did that too!

6. Give up Soda - I did it! I haven't really had a soda all year. Except, of course, for root beer floats and I did drink one Diet Coke (yuck) while I was visiting schools. This was the longest I've ever gone without soda and I love the stuff.

7. Do a home improvement - So, I caved and had one of my best buddies do my drywall in the basement, but if you think about it, had I tried to do that on my own, I don't think we could consider it a home improvement.

8. Become a camper - I went camping a couple of times. I bought a new tent and I got a pocket knife. I even made my own campfire. I'm so not a camper... yet.

9. Learn how to play Sweet Home Alabama on the Piano - Nope, but I can play the first few notes on my guitar and I still love to sing it and actually know what they're saying most of the time in the song.

10. Hone my craft (vocabulary) - Yeah, I still say the same things over and over again. I don't think I cracked open that Thesaurus once this year.

So, in looking back at 2009, I'd say I was about 40% accurate. That's really good! Every other year I don't even know what I contracted to do. This blog business is a great motivator or at least a reminder. Without wasting anymore of your valuable time, here are 2010's resolutions in Hi-definition:

1. Get 2 more books published - I know it's lame and unoriginal, but it's the only way I can pursue my dream of one day working as a full-time writer. I've got one manuscript out in the submission process which can be very grueling and I'm part-way through the 3rd Hashbrown adventure. I think this is a reasonable goal that I can accomplish.

2. Complete a series of P90X - I had several failed attempts in 09', but I'm feeling that 2010 will be my year to tackle Tony Horton. I want a six-pack... right now I have a juice jug. With this I also want to be able to do 20 pull-ups straight without the assistance of pushing my feet off the wall or having Heidi pull me up with a rope and pulley system.

3. Learn how to wake board - If you could have only seen me last summer being dragged through the murky water of the Utah Lake with my mouth open. I've been fishing before and now I feel sorry for those little guys as they are being reeled in. I understand their humiliation. Oh, and to add to that humiliation, you should've seen my wife Heidi (also a first-time wake boarder) pop up on the first try. Oh the agony. I guess this resolution all depends on whether or not my friends want to allow me back on their boat. It had to be an incredible waste of time for them. Hint... hint...

4. Stay off soda and reduce my fast food intake to twice a month - Come on, I can't give up Five Guys entirely. You have to take these things slow. Cold turkey only works for people who like cold turkeys... I don't.

5. Upload my home movies onto the web - This is not as easy as you think. I've wanted to do this for a couple of years now, and I just can't find a way to do it. My brother-in-laws and I have made several really dumb movies that I would love to put out for everyone to see (though I'm sure they'll hate me for it.)

6. Start and finish the first book of a brand new series (writing) - I need something new to write about. I've blogged about this before, but I really need motivation to go out and start a new series altogether. Not that I don't like my other stuff, but there's something awesome about beginning something new. You writers out there will agree with me.

7. Go places I've never been before - Oh sure, we could talk about exotic places, but I'm referring to domestic places, like my attic, my roof, up a ladder in my garage. Seriously, there's a box of stuff that the previous owners left in the ceiling of my garage over 4 years ago. I've yet to look in that box. What if there's like money in there or treasure or some new-fangled technology yet to be discovered? There could be lots of cool things or there could be a human head festering in that box! I need to remove it for crud sake!

8. Count to 10 more often - It's just a good thing to do and I don't do it enough. Most times, I don't even try to count and that's not happy for anyone. Counting to 10 was created for people like me and I need to take advantage of it.

9. Learn and perfect a new trick - I haven't decided just yet of what this will be, but I'm talking more along the lines of juggling, balancing cards, or mind reading. Maybe it will be simpler like learning how to walk the dog with a yo-yo or do a really cool shadow puppet with my fingers. Whatever the case, I need a new party trick. My other ones are growing old and pretty soon people won't want to hang out with me if I don't have a cool trick.

10. Start really appreciating everything in my life - Oh snore! Yeah, I know, lame, lame, LAME! But honestly, I don't do this enough. I've accomplished some great things, and I have some amazing people in my life. Though I show my gratitude some, I need to do it more and cut-out my griping. I have the most wonderful wife and my kids truly rock! I have a close relationship with my parents and siblings and I've got great friends. I live in a good neighborhood and I have an amazing job that keeps my stress level at a minimum. Plus, I've started doing the things I've really wanted to do my whole life. Not everyone can say that. I've been fortunate to have relatively good health (well I still have all of my teeth) and I've had some amazing experiences. In short, I've been blessed with a life I'm proud to have and there's no reason to be as negative as I sometimes get. I need to grow up and chill out! Sure I could always say that things could be worse, but that doesn't cut it. That's still taking a negative approach to life. In 2010, I'm going to focus on the positives. As William Wallace said in Braveheart (at least that's what he was made to say by Hollywood) "Every man dies, not every man really lives." It's time to start living!

There, they've been documented so it's official. I'm sure I'll have more and I may look back at this list and secretly delete one or two without your knowledge, but for the most part, the list is done. Wish me luck!


Tia said...

I'm glad we were able to witness many of these goals in progress. Yes, you will go boating with us again, whether you like it or not. How about February? The lake should be thawed by then. And you only have 60 days to complete P90X! Get to work man!

Amy said...


Frank Cole said...

February??? Are there any heated lakes in Utah? And don't remind me of how little time I have to get in shape. If I would have started in December...

Word Designer said...

This is quite an extensive list of resolutions. I'll be watching your progress as you share your success.

The books look like a lot of fun. I'd love to do a review on them.

By the way, your writing style is filled with fun. Thanks for a good time.

Word Designer

- jeana said...

WOW! quite a list! my one and only resolution is....to drink more water. that will solve multiple problems in my life. =) (plus...no guilt when i don't accomplish it =) the students and i are finishing the first hashbrown this month during library time...they are LOVING it! thank you for writing it!

Elise Peterson: said...

Frank! There is no Five Guys in Hawaii! You're makin me cry, especially on fast Sunday. Some people are not as fortunate as you Frank, to have a Five Guys so close! I suppose I will just go to the beach and wallow in my sorrows.

Andy Hueller said...

Hey--Frank! I just created my own blog (http://andyhueller.blogspot.com/), after months of following yours. I have one follower (my wife), but I'm off and running. Thanks for all of your support--and for reading and blurbing my own debut novel. I sure am happy for you. Two books in one year. Wowza.

Andy Hueller

Frank Cole said...

Word Designer, welcome to the blog! I'd love to hear your take on Hashbrown! :)

Elise, sorry, but I'll take a Five Guys burger over Hawaii any day of the week. That's a complete lie!

Jeana, thank you for introducing Hashbrown to your students!

Andy, I'm checking out your blog right now. I'm looking forward to seeing Dizzy Fantastic in print!

Doug Goodwin said...

I just found your blog, so I'm kinda late replying to this. Remember, I offered to help you with your video uploading. Still willing to do it if you ever get the time.