Bologna for Breakfast (cuz, I don't know what else to call this.)

I totally missed blogging about Christmas. I had everything planned, thought out a very touching post about what Christmas meant to me and then I just sort of... eh. Well, it never happened and now it's after the fact. So instead, I'll post about some pointless stuff on this wonderful Sunday (last one of 2009).

1. Santa brought my oldest son, Jackson, the most wonderful Nerf gun I've ever seen. It sits on a tri-pod and has an ammo belt that feeds the Nerf darts through. Lately, we've been playing a lot of Nerf wars down stairs and in one Christmas miracle, he went from cowering by the stairs with my other son while I fired upon them with my pistols, to taking front and center with his M-60 destroyer. I didn't stand a chance. In fact, Jackson was taking on both of us and we found ourselves cowering behind the couch as he unloaded round after round on our puny bunker. It was quite impressive. I was proud to see him step up to the challenge and unleash heck. Of course, I couldn't allow the one-sidedness to continue, especially since I was on the losing end. So, I went out and bought myself a new Nerf sniper rifle with a scope and about 50 darts. Take that sucker!

2. You may have noticed, but I've added a few elements to my blog. Thanks to one of my friends, I'll be able to make regular updates to the blog to give everyone a heads up of where I'll be as the new year takes off with The Mashimoto Madness. First on the agenda is my release party on January 11th! It's going to be tons of fun and I hope to see everyone there. I believe it will start at 6:00 p.m. at the Sandy Barnes and Noble. We're going to be announcing the winner of the Create-a-Character Contest and handing out some awesome prizes. Please come.

3. Speaking of the Create-a-Character Contest, it's high-time I announce the finalists! Man, it was awesome raking through almost 2,000 entries. I had a lot of laughs and I was really impressed with how creative all these kids were. Without any further ado (whatever that means), here are the 6 finalists in random order:

Matt Mercer from Centerville Elementary - David "Static" Sanders

Hannah Sutton from South Jordan Elementary - Alex "Zipper"

Kaitlyn Larkin from Sunrise Elementary - Nathanial "Nugget" Nottingham

Rachel Steele from Wasatch Elementary - Jan "Skunks Eleven" Wickum

Jenny Ladd from Santa Clara Elementary - "Pucker" Frankincense

Nicolas D'Amico from Summit Academy - Joe "Waffle"

I wish I could pick more. Seriously, the creativity was flowing from every school and even though they may not have had their character picked as a finalist, they need to write a story about their creation. Absolute brilliance!

4. I saw Avatar last week. Holy Goats! (Do cows really need to monopolize their own exclamation?) That movie blew me away. The special effects were unreal. How much longer will it be until we no longer need actors and actresses to play the lead roles in movies? My future as Brad Pitt's stunt double is in serious jeopardy.

That's all for now. I know it's not much, but Heidi's made my Mamaw Cole's spaghetti and I've got a Nerf battle to plan... So, see you soon!


Amy said...

Was seriously tempted to have Santa bring the girls some Nerf guns for Christmas, too. (They've made VAST improvements since we were kids ...) But at the last minute Santa decided our girly-girls probably wouldn't be too crazy about the whole gun-situation - seeing as they go into hysterics every time they see their daddy's guns - and so he brought them dress-up clothes instead. Salon dress-up clothes. Toes have been painted, masks have been applied, and hair has been styled. We Gouker Girls look VERY fancy! (Daddy would look fancy, too, but he doesn't have hair and doesn't think the toenail polish matches his guns.)

Elise Peterson: said...

Frank, did you see Avatar in 3D? Because I don't think I would have liked it as much if I hadn't seen it in 3D.
And I wish I was going to be there to go to your release party. It probably won't be as cool as the first one you had that those two really cool girls from Deseret Book had for you that was way awesome with a personalized cake and everything!