Time to Give Away Some Books

It's time for the great Hashbrown give-a-way, or should I call it the Stupendous Mashimoto Madness Melee? Nah, I'll just call it... Stuff for Y'alls!

I've got some books in my house that need to leave my house! I only need one copy of my own book, plus I'm pretty sure I've read it a couple hundred times already. With that being said, let's have a little contest.

I need more followers. Picture me as a little pied piper leading a squadron of lemmings off a mountain. Now, if you're done picturing that (remember I'll be wearing tights and a feather in my cap) let me lay out the ground rules of this contest:

  • If you start following my blog, I'll give you an entry.

  • If you find someone to follow my blog, I'll give you two entries.

  • If you facebook about my book Hashbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness, I'll give you an entry. Note: Must be a positive post. No bashing allowed just yet.

  • If you send out an e-mail blast to everyone you know telling them about my upcoming release party on Monday, January 11th at the Southtowne (Sandy) Barnes and Noble starting at 6:00 p.m., I'll give you an entry. Oh and check out the announcement HERE

  • If you blog about my book and then put a link to your blog in the comments so I can read your post, I'll give you an entry.

  • If you tell a celebrity about my book and they buy a copy of it and consequently contact me to star in some movie about fish people, I'll give you 10 free books automatically and they don't have to be my books.

  • If you dress up like a character from my book and come to my release party in that costume, I'll call the police.

I will tally up all of the entries and put them on random.org and that will determine the winners (yeah, I'll give away 2!) Make sure, if you do any of these things, you comment on this post, so I can reward you!

In truth, I want everyone to read this book and have a good laugh. I'd love to have 45-50 followers and some decent buzz so I can keep writing. You guys can help! The contest starts today and goes through Monday, January 11th. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that that is the date of my release party? No? Well it is! And you're all invited!!!


Kate said...

Hey I aready blogged about your book here:


Does that count? Plus it went out on my FB, too.

Frank Cole said...

Absolutely! I actually already read your blog post about it. You rock! When am I coming up to have another party in Mt. Pleasant?

numberonedashnerfan said...

im a fan....i would post on facebook but then you or someone would think im crzy or something at it would be a tad random from my last status i posted not too long a go saying math is the root of all evil.....stupid negitive fractions in squareroots with powers and division all in one problem..blah i would much rather be reading your book than do algebra 2 homework.......hmmm....

Keith S said...

Very cool. Just ordered both Hashbrown Winters books from Amazon. I'll post a link on my blog after checking them out.


Amy said...

Hey, I'm already a follower - no pun intended - does that count as an entry? If not, I'll un-follow and then re-follow your blog. (And I'll write a note on FB, 'cause posting doesn't allow me enough room to brag about how cool it is that I personally know the famous author, Frank L. Cole.)

Frank Cole said...

Amy, no need to unfollow and follow once more, your awesome comment earned you an entry! Plus, I just read your facebook post. Too cool!!!

Candice said...

My son has your first book, is reading it and LOVES it! He has been scoping out the second book! :) I will totally facebook about it, and put it on my blog. :)
Candice (mom to 5th grader Jacob)

Renee G said...

Sounds like a little fun. I'm following as rsg.

LittleEagle said...

I just became a follower.

Frank Cole said...

Thanks for your comments! Renee G and LittleEagle welcome to the blog.

Nickolay said...

I am a new follower


I hope you get all the followers you could possibly ever want. Good luck with the books and thanks for the chance



Kristen said...

I already follow you so I don't get an entry for that.

I made my sister in Denver (Barb) to follow you so I get 2 entries for that.

I facebooked about you so that's an entry right there.

I sent out an email blast so that's an entry right there.

I've blogged about your book and since you know where to find my blog I won't leave a link but there's another entry.

I will be coming to your release party and I'm married to your inspiration for Tony Ten Fingers. My best friend dated your illustrator at one time also. Do those things count for anything?

Really though I'm just super excited for you and your family. Can't wait to celebrate with you tonight!

- jeana said...

ok, we've blogged about you before, but we did it AGAIN!! (cascademc.blogspot.com)

i can't facebook until i get home, but i promise i will (can you imagine that they block facebook here at work, crazy!)

i'm now following YOU, and i emailed ALL MY FRIENDS!! =)

congratulations on book 2!

Andy Hueller said...


Last night I picked up Mashimoto at a Barnes & Noble here in St. Paul, MN. I read the very cool and funny (and ambitious!) first chapter when I got home. I'll blog about it when I read the rest.