Hashbrown The Second

In roughly one month and 6 days The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters goes to print. At least that's what my publisher said. I'm one of those non-believing types. I won't believe that I'll actually have a published book until I get my copy and can sit down with it in my chair and stare at it for a good solid hour. Now, I'm new to all of this so I don't actually know when the first copies will be available. There's a possibility I could get a few before the general public can buy them, but again, I don't know. I'm just going crazy over here, partly because my mouse broke and I have to use the little square-thingy on the front of my laptop to type and it's beyond frustrating, but also because I want to know what the cover's going to look like. Please don't be pioneers! Please don't be pioneers!

Anyways, I do have some cool news (cool for me, maybe not for you, especially for those that just happened upon this blog and are regretting the time you've wasted exploring here.) I have actually finished the initial draft of the second adventure in the Hashbrown series. I've been brainstorming to try and come up with a title, but that should be hitting my head soon. This one's about 8000 words longer, has a few more twists and turns, adds several new crazy characters and gives some much needed focus to a few characters that played smaller roles in the first book. All in all, I love this one. It should make you laugh a bit, maybe even out loud while you're reading, but that might be me just hoping.

Here are a few of the names of the new characters and a few of the older ones that have slightly bigger roles in this book:

Frosty John
Butter Bibowski
Pigeon Criggle
Hummus Laredo
Moses Merrywheather
Frankie Folds
Yeti Mckean
Echo Rodriguez
Fibber Mckenzie
I have to apologize to my beautiful wife for all the time I spent not helping her out the past couple of weeks as I bulled through the final chapters of this book. One day it will pay-off and I'll be taking you out to Target, baby!

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Elise Peterson: said...

We Mormons do have a bad habit of slapping Pioneers on all of our stuff. Regardless, I hope we get some demo copies at work :) I'm really excited for it!