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So I got my proofs today from my publisher. What's a proof you ask? Hmmm.... don't know (imagine my hands upturned and my shoulders shrugged.) Actually, I think this is officially one of the last pieces before my book goes to print. Sacred Bovines! I can't believe it. I have an ISBN number which may actually stand for:
"If salty, blame Noah," or
"I seriously believe nothing," or
"I sure (have a) bumpy nose," or
"I should barf now," or
"I stand by Nate." Nate was an uncle of mine and I stand by him... I stand by him still.

Nope that's a lie. I don't have any uncles or aunts or cousins. Sorry about that little outburst. We had BLTs for dinner... yummy and yet distracting. An ISBN number is another way to make me believe that this may actually happen.

My book also has one of those C's with the circle around it. You know the one, kinda like a Circle K, but instead it's a C, or better yet, it look likes a target, but some one's pen ran out of ink. Either way, it really means the book is copyrighted, which makes me cry for sentimental reasons.

And now for your reading pleasure, I have included my author bio that will be printed at the end of my book. Enjoy:

Frank L. Cole was born in a quiet town in Kentucky where he spent most of his childhood sharing exaggerated stories for show and tell. He now lives in Utah with his wife and three children. Frank's greatest claims to fame was when he was rushed to the emergency room after falling out of Hashbrown Winter's tree house. If he had a nickname it would be Frankie the Phantom.

The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters is Frank's debut novel.

Kinda cool huh? I wonder if anyone can guess why that would be my nickname...

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Kristen said...

They'll know if they read your blog. I was just thinking about asking you if you'd written your bio for the book yet. Can't wait to see the picture that accompanies it. Congratulations! It really is so cool!