Writing Update

Wow, its been a while since I posted. During this time of the year I always get a little loopy, I work in retail after all and the Holidays can be brutal. To be honest, the reason I haven't posted is because I've been busy writing. Yeah, that's right, thus the reason for naming this Blog The Writings and Rantings of Frank L. Cole. I'm trying to become a published author, which is tough to do. Most of the time, my posts are just me ranting. When I first started this blog I included some links to the stories that I had written, but after a little while, I pulled them off. I don't know if anyone actually clicked on the links and read anything that I wrote, but I needed to make some changes to the manuscripts and one of my stories was just plain awful. I glance at it now and shudder. It's actually in my archives and will one day be rewritten, but not now.

Lately, I've been really cracking out the pages. I would wager that over the last 30 days, I've typed close to 60,000 words on a new story idea. It's by far the best thing I've ever written and I've done a good deal of research piecing it together. It will probably be finished by the end of the week at least with the initial draft and then I'll have to go through it line by line and make edits. It's quite the process, but I love writing. It's my release from the stresses of life and work. Who knows, one day you may see one of my novels in a book store. That's the goal at least and a lofty one that I've been trying to accomplish for over 7 years since I wrote my first novel.

If you really beg, I may even let you read a copy, but you'd have to really want to. I'm quite the stickler when it comes to loaning my writing out. I'll grill you for feedback, criticisms, plot suggestions, grammatical edits, etc., etc. I can be quite the pest.

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