Whatever happened to...

Travel down memory lane with me for a moment.

Whatever happened to all the craze over hyper color tee-shirts, pump-up basketball shoes and bottles of shampoo plus conditioner?

Whatever happened to those clever little eggs that you cracked open and pantie hose poured out?

Whatever happened to cellular phones the size of a shoebox?
Whatever happened to mix tapes?

Whatever happened to being able to make a decent crank call without the threat of getting called right back?

Whatever happened to shoe stores with giant, frightening, talking trees that called out your name while you were walking out the door? (You're probably wondering when did that ever happen and you've probably never been to Kentucky.)

Whatever happened to overhead projectors?
Whatever happened to underroos?

Whatever happened to the Smurfs, He-man, Gummy Bears and Snorkles?

The world is in a sad state now-a-days. Weren't our shows better? Didn't you feel safe? Heck, the only time I got afraid was whenever I had to close the door when I was going to the bathroom and Mr. Rogers was on. (Not worth explaining...)


Tristi Pinkston said...

I don't know what happened to most of that, but I think the pantyhose eggs went away because of recycling and using less plastic and all that. But I used to play with my mom's eggs after she took the nylons out, so that's recycling, isn't it?

James Dashner said...

Dearest Frankie,

I'm coming to see you this week whether you like it or not. Would Monday or Thursday work better? Can you shoot me an email?


P.S. I forgive you for not forgiving me for being flaky. But only because your comment was hilarious on my blog.