Back from the Dead

I didn't die really, but I suppose in the blogging world, I entered a comatose state. There are reasons for my long absence. One, I was under the gun. I had a deadline and it seriously absorbed all of my time. Secondly, it was the Christmas Holidays and there was... snow and shop...ping (imagine me stammering trying to find good excuses.) Thirdly, I must've bought and received close to twenty new DVDs. Super 8 and Captain America, and HP7, and Cowboys and Aliens, and Jane Eyre. Hold up. Scratch off that last one. Heidi received that one and I did not watch it. I promise.

This is my traditional New Years Resolution Post. I have to write them for posterity and so I can remember what I wrote and ultimately neglected to do. But don't forget, I created a new holiday a year or two ago called Resoredo Day. And that allows anyone who made a resolution and immediately tanked on following it, to redo their resolutions guilt free and start afresh. So I'm not worried.

#1 - I need to read 24 books again. I'm seriously slacking on my reading and all writers will tell you, you need to read. It's like research. Or something. 24 books and picture books don't count, unless it's The Invention of Hugo Cabret because that is more than just illustrations.

#2 - I've been losing weight! I'm cold now. All the time. It's because some of my heaviness is gone. Though I hate the fact I need to turn on the heat wherever I go and wear mittens in the restroom, I'm happy to see some thinning in my future. I'm going to try to lose some more weight. How much you ask? Why are you so rude!

#3 - Paint a landscape. I don't know why. I just want to... with some paint.

#4 - Be awesome to people. I think Bill and Ted said it best. I watched a movie recently where this totally amazing fighter had such a calm demeanor about him. He never provoked violence but could handle himself if needed. I want to be like that. So, #4.5 on this list would be to learn how to fight awesomely so that I can have a calm demeanor whenever I'm attacked. Ultimately, people are good and they deserve respect. I'm going to try to give it to them.

#5 - Be happy when people I know are successful, particularly when they receive awesome writing contracts. This is hard for me. I want an awesome contract and when other people earn awesome contracts (notice how I said "earn" because they did indeed earn them) I've always been the kid kicking dirt with my shoe saying things like, "Golly gee I wish that were me."

#6 - Never say Golly gee or kick dirt while rhyming again.

#7 - I want to write 3 novels this year. Count them 1.2.3. I've already started one which is due in May, but I also need to write 2 more. Something new. Something exciting. Something to earn me one of those awesome writing contracts. Golly g... Whoa! Close one.

#8 - This list stinks.

#9 - Use my time wisely. This will be hard. Santa brought me 2 video games for Christmas. One of them is this ridiculous game called Skyrim and I've turned into a total nerd. I won't go into the details of the game, but for those of you who have played this game, you'll understand why I constantly find myself wandering around the neighborhood checking in baskets for potatoes. How am I supposed to write three novels, read 24 books, and paint a blooming landscape if I'm spending all my time hacking dragons? You can't do it.

That's it. I know the list is only 9 items long (well technically 8 if you don't count #8 on the list... but I do), but that's all I got. I intend to revisit this list on January 22nd (Resoredo Day) and perhaps I'll add more to it. For now, Happy New Year to you my friends and may the Sugar Plum fairies forever be kind to your molars. Huh?

Oh, and Jeana, I know you already have all of my books, but you win some more! Thanks for participating!


- jeana said...

YAY!!! and actually, don't tell anyone... i haven't read hashbrown 3# yet. i know, i know, it's on my list... you know that list...

B.K. Bostick said...

Zelda's got me and won't let go. I'll be sure to steer clear of Skyrim. I don't need any other awesome video games to escape the keyboard.

Kate said...

Email me about a school visit and book signing. I lost Heidi's email in a computer crash. I'm trying to send you a FB message, but I something's not working there.

Kate said...

An email address might help: kate at katrina palmer dot com

Frank Cole said...

Jeana! I still haven't sent you your stuff. It will be in the mail on Tuesday. B.K. don't buy Skyrim. It is too amazing and too addicting and too much of a waste of time. Kate, I facebooked you a couple of days ago. Did you get it?