KSL Utah Book Festival

Howdy Ho Neighbors! So, this has kinda become an annual deal. I'll be participating in this year's KSL Utah Book Festival up on the University of Utah Campus.

Brandon Mull will be there!
Obert Skye
Ally Condie
Tyler Whitesides
Matthew Kirby
And Me, of course.

I'm in way over my head. I'm actually presenting up on the stage at 1:20 following Matthew Kirby, author of The Clockwork Three, and right before Obert Skye, author of a bazillion Leven Thumps books and so many others. I'm gonna barf. All over the stage. I don't even know what I'm going to talk about.

Last year, I went after Obert Skye and I could hear crickets in the audience because everyone left to go get their books signed by Obert. Not pretty. Did I barf then? Uh... I think they cleaned it up.

If you live in Utah and you are alive on Saturday from 10-3, you've got to attend the Book Festival. There are games and balloon animals and musical performances by Alex Boye and David Osmond.

And I'm speaking on the stage right before Obert Skye. I just said that. Did I say I was going to barf? Yep.

Here's the link to all the authors:


Like how I wrote Link? Funny huh?

And here's a map so you can drive there.


You don't even have to go all day, just from 1:20-1:45 to watch me barf on the stage. Then swing over and buy my books.

Thank you, you wonderful people!

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