Do you believe in ghosts?

That seems like a legitimate question right? The world is full of ghost stories and people honestly believe in hauntings and all that. So I'll repeat my question. Do you believe in ghosts?

I've had some interesting encounters in my life, which cause me not to rule out ghosts and creepy stuff like that.

Once I saw a ghost rummaging around in my underwear drawer. I've seen a woman hanging clothes on a clothesline in my bedroom and an old man trying to shove a pillow on my brother's face. And don't get me started on the Wallknocker who, by the way, has returned with a vengeance. Yes, I hear you. You've made yourself known. Please stop knocking! And what's with it always happening right when I'm about to fall asleep?

Don't ghosts have any sense of time?

Granted, you could probably pin the blame on too much soda before bed. Too much stress. Too many creepy books and movies. That stuff plays with your mind. The Wallknocker's probably not a ghost either. I'm betting it could be a goblin or maybe a litter of baby Sasquatches just eager for some affection.

Next question:

What the heck are ghosts made of?



Gas? (Not that kind of gas...)


That kind of gas?

Call it a writing project if you will, but I'm curious. I've seen the Sixth Sense (creepy) and according to that "true" story, ghosts make the temperature drop until you can see your breath. I don't know how I feel about that. When that one ghost was sifting through my tighty whities, it didn't feel cold in my room. Of course, I was in Alabama.

Do ghosts just hang around in the places where they've died. Can they roam free? And how is it the ghosts everyone claims to have seen are all wearing clothes? Wouldn't they be naked? Or did their clothes have spirits too that decided to come back from the dead?

If that's the case... How do you know if your clothes are capable of coming back from the dead?

Man, I think I'd want to know that.

Maybe its just me, but seeing floating clothes would be just as freaky as seeing a ghost. Now I know why there are so many hand-me-downs in the world. So many donations. You really never hear of people just burning their clothes or burying them or throwing them away. Am I the last person to realize the paranormal nature of polyester?

What about the different classifications of ghosts. You've got:




... uussshh...

I'm drawing a blank. What other ghost classifications are there? I know Tolkien had a whole bunch in The Lord of the Rings, but for the life of me...

Again, for science, I need to know. Your opinions on any of my ghost related questions will be greatly appreciated.


B.K. Bostick said...

Absolutely- I've seen that same ghost going through my underwear drawer (or maybe it was just my wife- there's no way to be certain). The Wallknockers are indeed just goblins (see the story in Cat's Eye by Stephen King) and clothes do have spirits all their own. I had a hand me down tie that I lit on fire. Ofttimes in the night, I awake and that same tie is wrapped around my neck attempting to strangle me. Of course, since it's made of gas, it's always unsuccessful.

Anonymous said...

Have you read any of the "Spook's Apprentice" series? Quite a vast amount of knowledge regarding various types of ghosts and such things.