My friend Wendy Paul has an awesome recipe book that just came out-
 If you don't know what cake bites are then let me tell you:  they are these chewy, little, cake morsels dipped in a topping of your choice (usually chocolate).  Think truffles but lighter!
You might think, really how many different variations can there be?
In her book she has over 122 pages of recipes on the different flavors and toppings you can do with just cake bites.
Can you imagine the possibilities!?!
Wait, you don't have to, Wendy already did it for you, plus she included tantalizing pictures of almost every creation.
                                                     What could be better?

This crazy picture just shows you a sample of what you are in for!  DELECTABLE I tell you! This is the chocolate peanut butter cup cake bite and this is my wife's favorite combination of flavors.  Doesn't it look amazing?

This book has very detailed instructions plus the beautiful pictures- I know Wendy worked hard in her kitchen creating these delicacies and they are all "tried-and-true" recipes.

Okay, okay.

First off, I didn't write this post, but I love how my wife thinks she knows how I talk. Secondly, in all honesty, Wendy Paul is amazing at making things I eat over and over again. So. Yep. Check it out.

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