Book Review of River Whispers

One of my friends is Kathi Oram Peterson. Since the day my first book went to print, Kathi has been uber supportive. Oh, and it just so happens Kathi is a rocking good author! Now, don't let my preface of this post fool you into thinking I'm only doing this review because Kathi is a pal. Oh contrar (is that how you spell that?) She's been in the publishing game a lot longer than me and for good reason. Her latest novel, River Whispers, is somewhat geared toward the female crowd (those seeking romance with their mysteries), so naturally, I'd be a fool not to involve my beautiful wife in reviewing this book. Together we came up with our take on Peterson's latest masterpiece.

Regi Bernard has to deal with quite a few headaches when she finds herself confronting her first love in a tiny town who happens to have an odd involvement with a mysterious murder case. Things get even more tangled when Regi becomes the number one suspect in the case and she's forced to prove her innocence while finding the true killer in this small town murder mystery. 

The very first paragraph peeked my interest so I had to keep reading and by the end of the first chapter I was well committed. Peterson definitely keeps you guessing in this classic "who dunnit".  River Whispers has something for everyone: romance, action, a little humor, quirky characters, and mystery- you won't be disappointed.
Peterson paints perfect imagery and her use of clever analogies, metaphors, and descriptions set the various scenes up perfectly. You'll enjoy River Whispers and if you like it, you should check out her other novels as well.


Taffy said...

Thanks for the review!

Jo Schaffer said...

Sounds like a good one. It's going on my list!

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