So... chickety-check it! Have you ever been to a ridiculously awesome event? One where there's so much going on your mind literally implodes? Well, I have and I've been fortunate enough to have been a part of such an event on two different occasions. It's called Authorpaloosa and it happens twice a year. Once in September and once in February. I don't know how to better explain how crazy, cool, insane, intense, and just plain gnarly this event is. Gnarly in a good, surfer type way. So, I'll just show you what you can expect at this fall's Authorpaloosa at the Orem Barnes and Noble this Saturday, September 18th starting at 11 am. 

Allan Bellows   Alien Hands    
Anne Bradshaw   Famous Family Nights   
Aubrey Mace     My Fairy Grandmother & Santa Maybe     
Becky Hall      A is for Arches & Morris and Buddy, The Story of the First Seeing Eye Dog      
Berin Stephens  The Dragon war Relic   
Brandon Mull    Fablehaven
, Pingo, Candy Shop Wars (Yeah, that's a national bestselling writer) Can you say Super stud? Really? Can you say it 5 times real fast?     
Brandon Sanderson       Wheel of Time/Warbreaker, Mistborn, All (Holy mole, that's another! He hit #1 on the New York Times Bestsellers List.)
Camille Funk    Cooking for One
Cindy Beck      Mormon Mishaps and Mischief    
Dan Wells       I Am Not A Serial Killer (Read this book... scared me. Loved it!)       
Dan Willis     
 The Survivors  
Emily Smith     The Way He Lived       
Frank Cole      Hashbrown Winters
 All  (Well looky here!)
G.G. Vandagriff Pieces of Paris & The Last Waltz       
Heather Horrocks        How to Stuff a Wild Zucchini   
Heather Justesen        The Balls in Her Court 
Jessica Day George      Princess of Glass & Dragon Spear PB  (This girl can write some fiction and she cracks me up!)  
Jillayne Clements       The Diet Rebel's Cookbook &Deadly Treasure     
John Brown      Servant of a Dark God  
Kim Williams-Justesen   Hey Ranger Books       
Kristen Chandler        Wolves, Boys and Other Things that Might Kill Me       
Kristen Landon  The Limit & Life in the Pit (Probably gonna have to buy this book. Looks too good to pass up!) 
Kristyn Crow    Cool Daddy Rat 
Laura Card (aka Dean Low)       Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone       
Lisa Mangum    The Golden Spiral        
Marilyn Bunderson       The Mark       
Mettie Ivie Harrison    The Princess and the Bear      
Nancy Miles     In Good Taste  
Nathan Hale     Rapunzel's Revenge     
Nichole Giles   The Sharp Edge of a Knife
Rachael Anderson        Luck of the Draw       
Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen   Trapped
Sharlee Glenn   Just What Mama Needs   
Shawn Bucher    The First Timers Cookbook      
Sherrilyn Pratt City of Angels / Welcome to SLC (This girl is crayyyzeee! But she's my pal and she's like pumping out the books left and right.)
Stephen Gashler The Bent Sword 
Sterling Nixon  The Sea Kings of Rome  
Sydney Salter   Swoon at your Own Risk 
Terri Ferran    Life's Alphabet Soup   
Tom McCourt     Last of Robbers Roost Outlaws  
Wendy Paul      101 Gourmet Cupcakes  (I've eaten like 30 of her cupcakes... all at once... blissful!) 
Zane Taylor     Lesser Heroes 

Can you say gnarly? Like a surfer? Shaw... gnarly! All of these authors in one location gabbing about their books, signing their books, eating their books, throwing their books, throwing up their books. If you like books and by chance you like one or two of these authors, then I don't care if you live in Colorado. You need to be somewhere on Saturday and that somewhere's in Orem.

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