Its official. After my LAST POST, I've created "Marcy" my virtual bucket list. This is serious. I'm not playing around. I want to accomplish this things before I die. You can't get more serious than that. I strongly encourage you to do the same. Make your own bucket list, call it what you want (just not Marcy... because that's mine.) Fill it with your hopes and dreams. And then set out to achieve it. Man, sometimes, when you least expect it, I can be downright inspiring. Sniff.

1. Sky-dive
2. Price is Right Wheel Spin
3. Juggle Swords
4. World Tour
5. Cartoon Character

I plan to add to this bucket list as long as I have a blog. So check back from time to time to see what I've added and, more importantly, to see what I've accomplished.


Wendy said...

Love it! Especiall the world tour- can I come?

Annette Renee White said...

Great list, but juggling swords scares me alittle :)

Frank Cole said...

Annette, your blog is rather awesome. How does one become a Bucketlistologist? And more importantly... does it have a good pension plan?

Frank Cole said...

Wendy, I'm pretty sure your world tour will happen a lot sooner than mine. Can you say... taking the world by storm?