It's hard to believe it's been 4 years since I lost my best friend Wen. Not a week goes by that I don't miss him. He taught me a lot about music and made me a fan of the Beatles, the Eagles and all the greats. As a tribute, I've changed my playlist to some of his favorite songs.
I still remember all those weekends in High School when we had plans of meeting girls and taking them to the movies, but only ended up going by ourselves. In fact when I met his amazing wife Suzie, I introduced myself as Wen's weekend date. I love you pal! I'm sure Heaven sounds a little better now that you're there.
"Mom look what followed me home," (Wen talking to his mom the first time I came over to his house.)


Kristen said...

I'm sorry about your friend. Loss is such a hard thing. What happened? He was so young. I'm sure he appreciates your tribute. I appreciate that I'm not the only one that posts pictures of headstones on my blog.

LeAnn & Brian said...


We need to get together and here more stories about Wen and Brian. Brian is now showing me your impression of a raindrop! I can only imagine you all in high school

---LeAnn Nyman (Brian's Wife)