PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS BOOK 1 - THE LIGHTNING THIEF - BY RICK RIORDAN -I just have to say that this was a fantastic read. Man! I absolutely loved it. This book had everything. I haven't felt this strongly about a book since the days of Harry Potter. Yep, I'm that serious. I laughed, I cried, I was moved to fits of anger, I received inspiration on how to better control my financial woes... OK none of those things actually happened, but I really did like this book. There are Greek Gods in a modern setting (living in the Empire State Building of all places.) And Percy, the son of one of them, has an outrageous quest he has to do to prevent an all out war between the Gods. Evil beings from Greek Mythology like Medusa, The Minotaur and Hades show up and battle Percy in a really unique way. Read it! You'll love it!

FARWORLD - BOOK 1 WATER KEEP - BY J. SCOTT SAVAGE - This was another great read from a new (local) author. I admit going into reading this I was a little skeptical. I thought that there wasn't going to be anything new, just the same ole' Lord of the Ringish type material and although there were times where I felt the book was indeed reminiscent of Tolkien's work, the overall story was very entertaining. The story takes place on two different worlds (ours and Farworld where everyone knows and can practice magic.) The two main characters, Marcus who suffers from physical disabilities on Earth and Kyja who is the only person on Farworld that can't practice magic have a strange connection. The two of them must meet up and save their planets from being destroyed by an evil group called the Dark Circle. This book was well worth the time investment of reading it.

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