Nostalgic Moment #2

"Don't stop me now! I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball!" - Queen

It's midnight which is not late for most people, but the 30's are starting to wear on me. I have a pill counter for crying out loud and in recent months I have stared longingly at pairs of orthopedic shoes in the Sears catalog.

So, it's late for me, but the sacrifices I make for this blog...

Mission stories are only cool when you swap them with other mission buddies. I've learned that over the years, but I have some dang good ones. So I decided to create a montage, a mission story poem if you will, of the titles of all the great mission memories I have. If you ever want to hear more on these, I'll be more than happy to oblige.

"Killing pig with metal rod,"
"Crazy dude who thinks he's God,"
"Rabid dog on evening run,"
"Psycho man with machine gun,"
"Woman squatting on the lawn,"
"Turkey war in Montalban,"
"Baby peeing on my feet,"
"Naked guy on crowded street,"
"Drinking cups of piglet gall,"
"Poor guy's shirt in bathroom stall,"
"Demon guarding buried loot,"
"Deadly guerrilla photo shoot,"
"Jeepnee ride with trike in tow,"
"Cross dressers' big beauty show,"
"Metal rod and drunkards bones,"
"Enemas and kidney stones,"
"Children frightened of banshee,"
"Monkey striptease in a tree,"
"Steaming pot of heads and feet,"
"Rotten liver pasta treat,"
"Breeding roaches in Fairview,"
"Elder Baldwin's Tower O' Poo."

Just to name a few...

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