Tribute to the one of the Greatest undiscovered authors

He'll probably hate me for it, but I have to do it. People gots to know about Michael Cole. He's been compared to a doped up Sheil Silverstein. A lyrical wizard. It's rare for me to catch the humor in people's writing, and even rarrrerrr (got carried away...) to find myself laughing hysterically from something I've read. Michael has that ability. Like so many authors out there (myself included) we just need a chance, a break, someone to give us the opportunity.

(excerpt from Confessions of a Moonshine Addict by Michael Cole)

Bacon bits and cheese
Pepper makes me sneeze
Underwear is itchin’
Gofers in the kitchen
Wooden diaper needles
Viper-eating weasels
Took another swig
Guzzled like a pig
Fire in the lungs
Tingles up the spine
Drinking sweet potatoes
Eating barrels full of wine.

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