Exhaustive Writing

I was told that once by my editor. Your writing can sometimes be exhausting. Ouch, right? Well, it was true. As a writer, we constantly try to find the most creative ways to say something. In many cases it works. Other times, it doesn't.

He plodded, sauntered, meandered, strolled, tip-toed, skipped, raced, cha-cha'd... You get my drift.

There are probably hundreds of ways to say "he walked" or "he moved". Sometimes readers will get lost in trying to determine what we're attempting to write in our books. I'm not saying using those words above are bad (well maybe cha-cha'd. Actually, I love that and now I'm going to trademark it for myself) but you have to find a balance between moving the story along and working in your writing style. If the word needs to be there, don't take it away, but think about the word before you include it. My sister told me she always imagines someone whistling a joyful tune while they walk whenever she sees the word stroll. Is that the image you want to create in a reader's mind. If so, awesome. If not... maybe walking isn't so bad.

On a side note... How does one meander? I'm curious. Can it help you lose weight?

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