WriteOnCon Recap

Yakity Yak! It's been like a month and change since I've been on here. Busy with life I guess. Well let me just tell you about this... thing called WriteOnCon. A few months ago I received an e-mail from Elana Johnson about the possibility of me participating in this online writing conference. First things first... Elana Johnson! She's this amazingly brilliant author who wrote Possession and Surrender and she's contacting me to join this conference. Of course, I said yes, but then I kinda spaced it for awhile. You know how I can get. All of sudden, the conference loomed in the near future and I needed to get a'crackin' on my presentation. So, I go to the WriteOnCon website to check it out. Holy Shmokes, y'all! This is big. Huge! If you haven't clicked on the link... click on it and check it out. Here, I've made it even easier for you. HERE. There are so many rock star authors, agents, editors, etc. hanging at this online conference. People I idolize. People I want to work with. People I want to read my stuff. All carefully packaged on one website. And then there's me sharing a few tidly-bits of knowledge. Needless to say, this was probably one of the greatest events I've ever been associated with. Hands down. I learned so much just by browsing and submitting and clicking on video links. I immediately put what I learned to use and I feel like a better writer. If you're interested in entering the publishing world I seriously suggest you become a follower of WriteOnCon and when the next conference rolls around, you sign-up for it.

Here's the link to my video presentation (they call them vlogs and I guess so does the rest of the known universe.) You may have to sign up to view it, but it's totally free and worth your time. (Well, maybe not my video, but the rest of the site definitely is!)

Building Characters Into Real People


MeLeesa Swann said...

Dude, your video is SO worth checking out! I'm now also following you on twitter. Hmmm...following makes it sound all stalky...*slinks back into the darkness*
I learned so much from WoC this year as well. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Dustin Hansen said...

It was a treat having you involved, Frank. And my daughter and I have read (outloud) every published word of your Hashbrow Winters series and we're moving on to your MG fantasy next.

Btw - you can also see the video directly on youtube if you like. Everything is free and ready and unlocked and happy and free :)

the WOC forums will be open for months for people to browse and learn - so dig in.

Here's Frank's fantastic video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAwp8q5kw8A