Hashbrown 4 needs a title

I've finished the draft of Hashbrown 4, went through a round of edits, and now I'm just waiting for a little feedback from a reader or two on any areas I need to fix. And, of course, I need a title. I don't know why this part of the writing process is so difficult for me. I know authors who have a title first before they even write a sentence.

Is a title important? I really think so. It will forever label my book on the cover.

So, I need some help and I'm willing to reward you for it. Here I go again. Putting up a contest which could backfire and make me look like a total winner (said with a sarcastic voice). But I have no choice. I have a title in mind, but I'd like your feedback. I should also add my publisher may want me to change it to something else entirely, but I want to have a working title for when I submit it in a week or two.

Here's what Hashbrown 4 is all about in a nutshell.

Hashbrown Winters retires from playing marbles and enters the exciting world of Laser Tag. In order to defeat his new nemesis, Melanie Thumbs, for the championship, Hashbrown has to resort to extreme measures and recruits Whiz Peterson to play in the match. Whiz, as you should know by now, has a bit of a bladder problem and doesn't do well with electronic equipment. Letting him play is a bold risk, but one Hashbrown's willing to take. Besides, what's the worst thing that could happen? But when disaster strikes during the championship and Whiz actually vanishes, Hashbrown embarks on his most bizarre adventure yet. With his best friends at his side, Hashbrown travels into the unknown to save Whiz from an entirely new band of misfits... from another dimension.

There it is. Schmwa! (the sound of me kissing my fingers). This book is by far my finest piece of Hashbrown lore and I can't wait for you to read it. But what the heck am I gonna call it?

Here's what I have:

Hashbrown Winters and the Whizzing Whiz-tastrophe

I like it... But do you like it.

Here's how the contest works:

Comment that you like the title and you get an entry
Comment that you don't like the title and you get an entry
Comment with another title that I may use and you get an entry

I'll let this contest run until next Sunday. At that point I'll pick a winner who will win a signed copy of Beyonders by Brandon Mull.


A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

My odds look good. ;)
I am not a fan of the title. As of right now, I can't think of a better one. My kids refuse to try. (LAME.)
Are you going for the alliterative style as your other HW titles?

Frank Cole said...

AJ, odds are really in your favor! :) So no like, huh? Titles are tough. I was thinking the whole alliterative style. Mashimoto Madness, Phantom of Pordunce (although, does that still follow the rule?) What about Whiz's Whiz-tastrophe instead of Whizzing. Get your kids going on this. I really appreciate the feedback.

Kristen Nielsen said...

That title isn't my favorite. Why not just Hashbrown Winters and the Whiz-tastrophe? I do like Whiz-tastrophe. I think the rest is just a mouthful.

Kate said...

I like Hashbrown Winters and the Whiz-tastrophe. Oh, now I see that Kristen likes that, too.

Frank Cole said...

Great feedback Kristen and Kate! That's what I'm talking bout! So drop Whiz altogether? Hmmm....