Summer's creepin'

Well, thanks to all who showed their love for my last post. I wanted like 100 comments, but 13 is a nice round number (so bad at math and I guess shapes as well.)

I've picked a winner using this high-tech sorting device called Microsoft Excel. And the winner and new owner of a signed copy of Paranormalcy is.... AJ Dub!

Have you won a contest before or is this your first time? Whatever the case, it definitely pays to participate.

Send me an e-mail with your address and I'll ship the book out to you asap.

Now, 5 reasons why the Summer is looking great.

1. The Mavs won the NBA finals! I hate the Heat. No offense to Miami folks, but I just love old players that play with heart. I had some serious anxiety during these playoff games and I'm so glad the series ended early. Great job!

2. Harry Potter 7 part 2. Is it me, or have movies been somewhat underwhelming this year? I don't know. I've sat through my share of films and there have been so many in years past that leave me with a sense of exhilaration. Not so much this year. Every show I've seen has been... eh, s'okay. I want a movie to blow my mind! Will HP7-2 do it? Sounds like a new Honda Electric car or something.

3. Swimming! Oh that's so not true. I hate swimming. Mostly because I'm out of shape and pale and I burn easy and I have weird moles and suntan lotion is sticky and chlorine irritates my face and kids pee in pools and people pee in pools and I have a weird condition on the bottom of my big toe so that it splits open whenever I go swimming and it irritates me... like chlorine only worse and I usually hear subtle comments from people not necessarily directed at me, but I pick up on the meaning about exercising and getting some sun and having moles removed whenever I go swimming. But my kids like swimming. So YAY! Wait, that was too loud. yay.

4. Air Conditioning - I love being cold in the summer. Ice Cold! Do you do this as well? Lay on the vent with your blanket until you freeze and when you stand up you look like Wolverine just manhandled your face? Do ya? Do ya? I do. After a long, hard day at work, I like to come home, change into some PJs, grab my blankie, and plop down on the A/C vent with an Otter Pop and a smile on my face. Say goodbye troubles.

5. Otter Pops - I eat them 6 at a time. No joke. Actually, I eat three of them cut in half and they all have to be different flavors. I like to mush them into slush, or suck the syrup out of them until they turn into plastic tubes of frost. I could live without the whole numb tongue or the little sores I get on the corner of my lips from the plastic edges, but still.

There. 5 random reasons Summer rocks. I don't necessarily favor Summer more than any other month, but I definitely like it better than winter and maybe fall and Spring causes allergy pain. So, yeah, I favor Summer the mostest.

The end.


A.J. Dub. said...

Yep I won before. Hatchet, which all my readers loved. So thanks for that and thanks again for a new book! Lol

A.J. Dub. said...

PS I am seriously laughing at (with?) you reading your post. You are funny. :)
Go Mavs!

Melissa Lemon said...

I love that picture! Happy summer.