Busy as a Beetle

I've had somewhat of a busy couple of weeks. That's good though, right? I need to stay busy! I need to keep writing. So, here's what's been going down.

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in the Writers Cubed Teen Writing Boot Camp. I taught an hour presentation on how to use your imagination to help you get started with your writing project. It was fun, though I was pretty nervous. But I got to hang out with some really cool kids, authors, and of course, the wickedly cool (yes, I said it) members of Writers Cubed, who are now my buddies. Here are some pics from that event.

Sitting at a table, prepping for my presentation

All the cool people at the event. Kiersten White, author of Paranormalcy, is front and center. 

They had these little fake grenades and I couldn't stop playing with them.

Teaching some kids. Yeah, it's not a full house, but there were other cooler authors presenting at the same time. What do you expect?

Here are the slides from my presentation. I probably won't make much sense, but I was talking throughout. If you can make any sense from this, then pat yourself on the back!

After that, I did a couple signings and then participated in LDStorymakers 2011 Writing Conference. I already uploaded the music video. (The one with me dancing in the shower...yikes!) But if you missed it, you can watch it HERE.

I did a presentation on writing for Middle Grade. I promised to upload my slides.

I've been spending time at schools this week in Alabama and I'm off to Pocatello tomorrow. I'll post some updates when I get back. 


Jenna Cooper said...

Aw, I wanted to go to that bootcamp (it would be my last year being able to go as a 19-year-old) but I was moving that day. So sorry I missed it, it seems like it was a blast!

Kate said...

Thanks for posting your slides. Wish I could slow them down so I could read them better. Looks like great info!

B.K. Bostick said...

Was this at UVU? Love that place, especially the multicolored pipes running oer'head. I could walk down the hallways all day long, gawking upward.