Blog Tour (like Star Wars, but without the Ewoks...)

Right now I am participating in what is called a Blog Tour. I've never done this before and I really wasn't sure what to expect. It's awesome! So far, I've been interviewed by a lot of really cool bloggers and they've had some positive things to say about my book, The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter. I've posted the schedule below with the links to all the blogs. There are some fun questions out there asked specifically to the characters in my book. Cool idea, huh? Also, look at this blog tour banner:

April 12, 2011 – I Like These Books – featuring an interview with Frank L. Cole!
April 13, 2011 – Pensive Bookeaters – Book Review
April 15, 2011 – Cherry Mischievous – A guest post written by Frank
April 16, 2011 – The Wormhole – Book Review
April 17, 2011 – Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile -  Frank’s Top 10 Favorite Books
April 20, 2011 – Babs World of Book Reviews -Interview with Frank!
April 20, 2011 – I Am A Reader, Not A Writer – Interview with Frank and a GIVEAWAY!
April 20, 2011 – All-Consuming Books – Book Review
April 21, 2011 – The Elliot Review – Interview with Frank!
April 21, 2011 – Bookworm Lisa – Character interview with Trendon and Amber from The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter
April 22, 2011 – Burning.x.Impossibly.x.Bright – Book Review
April 23, 2011 – Manga Maniac Cafe – Interview with Frank!
April 24, 2011 – Books R Us – A guest post written by Frank
April 25, 2011 – Roots in Myth – Book Review

And to top that off, here are some other interviews with me from past couple of days:

Star Crossed

Precision Editing Group

And a shout out from my buddy, James Dashner! Who also wrote the cover blurb for the book. Yeah, I know... I'm name dropping.

All this buzz has me stressin' a bit. I actually found a couple of grey hairs today. I was at Walmart of all places, checking myself out in the mirror while I tried on some cheap, $10 sunglasses when I spotted them. Let me tell ya. De---pressing. Hey, but you know what made me warm up just a little bit? Seeing a stack of my books on the shelf. Wait a minute... Why was there still a stack? Here comes some grey hairs!


A.J. Dub. said...

There was still a stack because they had just restocked moments before, after being sold out. :)

Reader Riah said...

It must be so exciting to see a stack of books with your name on them. :) Next time you see a stack in a store, go up to the manager and ask if you can sign them all. That usually helps get them off the shelf a little faster. ;)

Susan said...

I looked on each and every websites and only found you on a few. I wonder if they will be posted later? I saw your interviews, which were awesome, but the reviews weren't there. I wonder if Iooked in the right places?

Susan said...

Just found (accidentally) your interview on the writings on the wall blog. I think your visits to the school build personal relationships that are important.

As a teacher, I feel like I "know" you, which makes me want to support you. I recommend your books to my students and buy them out of loyalty (and then read them and recommend them out of a love for the story).

Personally, I think your visits to the school has been invaluable to you as an author. Doing them for free makes you more accessible to all children (not just ones whose school has money to bring authors).

What your visits do for our kids in encouraging them to write themselves (we had boys passing a story back and forth during your last visit--we thought they were writing notes--ha, ha!) but they wanted to get their hands IMMEDIATELY on your books.

Don't stop visiting schools! Please! Oh, and please come back to our school! The kids were so excited about writing!

Frank Cole said...

Reader Riah - I should do that.
Susan - I don't think I'll ever stop visiting schools. It's the highlight of being an author for me. I honestly feel that way.
AJ - You're kind. :)

Jo Schaffer said...

See you at the Boot Camp tomorrow. (=

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank. Hope you had a good birthday. Thank you so much for speaking at the conference. You were a hit with the teens and it was a pleasure meeting you!

Pam Torres said...

Reading your book, just started and I am really liking it so far. Plan to review it in a few weeks on my blog. I'm also going to catch some of your interviews. Congratulations on your success. Gray hair, who cares, just means your livin'.

Frank Cole said...

Jo - where does one score an Iron Man suit?

Jennifer - I never saw the slap dance.

Pam - I'm looking forward to your review. I hope you like it!

Kate said...

I just sent you a message on FB with student answers to your presentation questions.

Frank Cole said...

Kate, I used your information today in my workshop! Thank you for getting it to me. It was perfect!

sinreal11 said...

I've posted the schedule below with the links to all the blogs. There are some fun questions out there asked specifically to the characters in my book. Cool idea, huh? Also, look at this blog tour banner:swtor credits swtor credits