There's no turning back now!

I've got it in my hands. It's a real book! That means no matter what happens now, this is published! I know I'm probably being silly, but still. Sometimes I wonder if even though I signed a contract and there was a release date and all that good stuff, if they'll change their minds and say... "Nah. We don't want to publish this anymore." or "You're dumb, Frank. Dumb, dumb." (I don't know why they would say that. Just mean if you ask me.)

Well there's no turning back now! :)

I carried this book around with me all night... even opened it once or twice. I can't wait until you feel it. It has this sort of suedey-ish texture and the title has raised letters. I'm weeping right now. Literally weeping. No, I'm not. But innardly...wardly...wordly. Yep. Inwordly (cuz I write with words) I'm weeping. Tears of joy. Now, doesn't this make you want to come to my release party on March 10th at the Sandy Barnes and Noble to pick up your own copy and weep inwordly along with me? You better!

While we wait in eager anticipation, you could check out these 2 new awesome websites.



Yep, that's my big, shiny head on the screen. Smiling like a goof. Makes you want to punch that face doesn't it? I would. But please don't. I bruise like a peach.

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