As Promised

Look at that! 2 days have passed and here I am. Just as promised. I'm proud of myself. I mean come on. After my last post of honoring commitments by showing up on time for book signings and all that, I couldn't just ignore my 2 day goal of blogging again, could I?

I've been thinking a lot lately about this blog and how much has changed since the good ole days of 08' when I started. I'm definitely busier now with writing and there are times when I neglect blogging and keeping people posted with nostalgic moments and updates and what-nots. When was the last time I went off on a rant? Too long. But here's the deal. My priority is to writing books. You can respect that right? Frankly, I'm behind right now on my next project and in between blogging and facebooking and all that, something is suffering.

So, what am I getting at? Well, I've noticed other blogs from other authors and several will commit to one day a week of posting. Like a Tuesday or a Friday. Guaranteed, barring some disaster, they'll post something on that committed day. Can I do this? I think I can. So, I like Tuesdays. They work for me. I can wake up, blog, and life goes on.

Starting today, I'll blog every Tuesday. Wow! Generosity. It runs in my family.

Okay. Updates, who's got the updates?

First. If you're on goodreads my publisher is giving away 5 copies of my book in a contest. Check it out HERE.

Second. I'm signing at the Downtown Salt Lake City Costco this Thursday from 5-9. Costco=cheap books. How cheap? Like $10.69 cheap! And they have samples. I had their pizza and brownies the other day. Mmmm. Yummy. Remember, wait for the changing of the guard and then you can get 2 samples without those angry stares.

Third. I'm doing a writing workshop at Oak Hollow Elementary on March 31st and then a book signing at the West Jordan, Barnes and Noble that night at 6:00 pm. For all my local peeps, this one's for you!

Fourth. I'm signing at the Downtown Deseret Book on Friday, April 1st from 11:30-1:30. And I'll be sitting somewhat close to Richard Paul Evans as he promotes his newest book. Come on! You people that love a good romance will want to be there and then while you're gawking at Richard, I'll pelt you with gummy bears in the back of the head. Why gummy bears? Why not?

Lastly, I promised another contest. This time I'm giving away not 1, but 2 signed copies of The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter. Gripes! That's a lot of books... 2 of them. Free copies! 2 Winners.

Here's what you have to do to qualify (and you gots to do 2 of the 3):

1. You have to be a follower. Is it that hard? No. I'm not going to lead you astray. I'm not the general Lemming headed toward the Cliffs of Dover. All followers get an automatic entry.

2. You have to become a fan of the Hashbrown Winters and The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter Pages on facebook. That's 2 more entries (automatic ones if you're already fans!)

3. (I saw this one on another author's website and I liked it). You have to comment with who you're picking to go all the way in the NCAA tournament. It's March Madness! I love the tournament. If you don't follow basketball, well then, you can just make it up.

Tell your friends. Tell those people you already told about my book in the last post cost. Have you bought your copy of The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter yet? Have you?


Bee said...

And it's really good when the really old ladies are working at the Costco sample tables. Because they don't recognize you the second time (or third...or fourth...?).

A.J. Dub. said...

Well, since I already have one, I can win one for someone else right? I still don't facebook so I guess being a follower will have to do. March Madness? There is something like that going on with fabric lines but I know nothing of basketball unless it's BYZoo. And I guess they are done.

Thanks for saying meeting my mom was cool. :) That was nice.

- jeana said...

well, lets see...

i'm a follower (one entry)
i'm a facebook follower (two or three entries?)

i facebook posted about the book (two or three more entries?)

i reviewed it on amazon (seven more entries?)

i even told all my students about it (525 more entries =)

just send me a free book already! =) huge fan!

OH, ALSO... byu. could i really pick anyone else??

- jeana said...

oh, and tuesdays work for me. =)

Mrs. LaDuke said...

THis leads me to ask, did you start a blog before you were published as way of establishing a readership, or after you were published as a way to establish readership?

Lots of sites recommend if you ever intend to be published start blogging now!

I say, what in tarnation would I have to say that people would want to turn to and read?

By the way, you have the distinct honor of being the author of the ONLY HARDBACK book I have ever purchased. I own one other, but I got it free using my bonus points from Scholastic.

Now that is worth something, isn't it?

Kristen said...

I'm a follower, I'm a fan of both groups on Facebook and that alone makes me feel like a stalker.

I pick Kansas to go all the way.