The Official Cover of The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter

I know I already posted this cover a little while ago, but I needed to do it again because there have been some minor changes. And FOR THE LOVE OF CHOCOLATE PUDDING, THE BOOK GOES TO PRESS LIKE THIS WEEK!!! Sorry, spaz-attack

Things are coming together so quickly, I just can't believe it. I'm going to be heading out and doing more school presentations and book signings in the upcoming weeks and months with Hashbrown, of course, but with also my Guardians tour. I just love this cover. It makes me warm and happy. It really is a dream come true and I owe it all to Cedar Fort and the illustrator Mark Mckenna. Check out his talent at his website here

I probably have one more advanced copy of The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter I can give away. So, let's do it. This one will require some work on your part, but just a teeny bit. I'd like to see some more reviews of my Hashbrown books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. So, if you've read any of them, please go on and review them (preferably on both websites). I love great reviews, but I'll take whatever you can give me. Once you've reviewed the book hop on here and comment about it so I can go read your wisdom. I'll then give you two entries into the drawing for every review. That means there's a potential of 12 entries or more if you review each of my 3 Hashbrown books on both Barnes and Noble and Amazon websites. There are also places to review the books at deseretbook.com, borders.com, etc., etc. The more you review the more entries you receive. If you haven't read the book, but plan on doing it and can pinky promise to review it when you've finished, comment on the blog and I'll give you one entry. And lastly, if you don't have any desire to read my dumb books (your words not mine), but still want a chance to win a free one, comment about my cover for The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter. Any feedback is welcome, but know, I can't change it now. 

Now, I've just decided something. Since this is my last ARC to give away, let's make this something special. I'll give away 3 prizes on this drawing. 1st prize - the ARC of Guardians of the Hidden Scepter with it's wickedly ominous black cover and wrong title (it could one day be a collector's item...) 2nd prize - A copy of Hashbrown Winters and the Phantom of Pordunce (possibly my best Hashbrown story ever!) and 3rd prize -... wait for it... an ARC of Hashbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness (this thing is old and priceless because it was never sold in stores. I just found a small stack of these in a box downstairs. Yep, it's black and white, but come on, it's cool.)

There you have it! The contest is set. I'll let it run until January 19th. Why? Cuz I wanna.


Austyn said...

i've reviewed your hashbrown book on my school library blog...does that count? you are actually on there several times =) www.cascademc.blogspot.com

- jeana said...

dang it! my daughter didn't sign out. that first comment is supposed to me mine =)

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Awesome cover!!!

Good luck on your hectic schedule!