Winner of the Nutha Contest and More Christmas Memories

I plugged in all of your entries and the winner was number 14....

Hurray for Jennifer! You won! I'm not sure I even know who you are. Are you my sister Jennifer? Are you Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Any whoooo... e-mail me with your address and the book is yours.

Now, in response to some of your comments:

PaigeE - I feel your pain. Most of the time I can't stand radio Christmas music, but I do like the occasional newer stuff.
Jeana - Christmas Shoes? Deeeeepressing. But, I really do appreciate your support of my blog. It makes me feel all good.
AJDub - Ditto on the blog support. And, I love the muppets too.
Kristen - Who's Johnny Mathis?
Tia - Were you listing a song or just making a statement?
Michael - I love you man. Maple syrup eh?

Now, here is another one of my Christmas memories.

A couple of years ago, I was at Target with Heidi, Jackson, and Gavin. Gavin was a little tyke and at that point in his life, he really couldn't stand me. To him, I was a nuisance. Someone who just got in the way of mom. On several occasions, I vividly recall him wishing on the first star in the sky for me to disappear. Okay, that's a little harsh and made up, but seriously, he didn't like me until he was like 3 years old. Ask Heidi. I was ready to start therapy sessions.

Well, since it was Christmas and there was the prospect of gifts from Santa in the works, Gavin began acting more cordial to me. We didn't share long conversations by any means, but at least he wasn't whispering I hate your face under his breath. As we were leaving Target and crossing through the parking lot, Jackson sat inside the cart while Gavin stood hanging off the back staring at me. So, I decided to have a little fun and steer the cart wildly for my sons' enjoyment. They laughed and all seemed right with the world. That was until I hit a pocket of icy snow and Gavin was catapulted through the air landing on his back in a puddle of sludge. I raced to his safety, because we were still in a parking lot and there were cars zooming around everywhere. As I fished him from the puddle, Gavin narrowed his eyes at me and growled in a very sinister voice, "Ah! Look what you did!"

Therapy sessions began shortly after.

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