Where Would I Be Without My Mommy?

I owe my mom my life (of course), but not just because of the whole birth deal. My mom gave me a life worth living. She's the reason why I love to laugh and why I can whole-heartedly laugh at myself without too much embarrassment. She's the source of so many amazing memories, some of them frightening :), but all of them worth it. She knows how to keep me grounded, yet encourages me to take risks when a fall is inevitable. She's an amazing story teller if she can stay awake long enough to finish one. Because of my mom, I will always have "Corn on the Cob in the Sewer" and "The Fly-swatter." My mom helped me to realize some of the best moments in life are discovered with a bucket of KFC chicken. She was my morning bugler. She taught me how to color within the lines and where to hide during a tornado. From her I inherited my love of writing and all of my night terrors.

I love you mom!

Happy Mother's Day

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