Some Positive Reviews

Reviews are a funny thing aren't they? When someone reviews something you've done you are placed upon a pedastal to be either praised or pelted with rotten fruit. I'm always worried about reading reviews about my books and alas I have read a few unsavory ones. I won't say it doesn't hurt, but I do know you have to have bad ones so you can really appreciate the good ones. That's the beauty of opinion isn't it?

This here's just a quicky blog post to show a couple of reviews and articles about Hashbrown! Good ones of course. Why would I post the bad ones? That's just silly! The first one is from Michael Young who's debut novel The Canticle Kingdom is in bookstores now. I'm going to be diving into his book really soon. It's storyline is very intriguing. Check out my interview with him!

The Canticle Kingdom

And you should probably look on Amazon HERE to see if this looks a book you'd want to read.

This one's an older article one from a couple months back that was featured in the Salt Lake Tribune.

The Salt Lake Tribune

This one's from another new author, Andy Hueller, who's debut novel, Dizzy Fantastic, hits bookstores really soon. I'll post a link when it becomes available for preorder.

Andy Hueller

I also just found this review on Google and I hope they don't mind me posting it here. I thought it was cool!


And this one... I needed a lift!


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