Okay, so I've been sick for a little while (hacking, wheezing, you know the stuff) and so I've been absent from my blog. That's the reason. But good news! I think I'm well again. It's amazing what a little Vicks, a little humidifier-action, some Nyquil and a few restless nights where I'm dancing around the room attacking goblins... don't ask, will do for your well being.

Authorpaloosa is tomorrow! Do you even know what that is? It's one of the most amazing author signing events of the year because so many awesome authors show up at Barnes and Noble and sign their books. I'll admit it, I get a little star struck and maybe even stumble through my words when I see so many brilliant minds cooped up together in one room. And guess what, I'm going to be there with them, signing Hashbrowns (no not real hash browns. I've tried, but sharpie doesn't seem to stick to taters.) I'm pretty sure some of the biggest names will be there, Dashner, George, *cough* Cole *cough*! Sorry, I just had a temporary relapse from my illness.

It's a great opportunity to learn about some new books, support your local authors, and heck, maybe even learn a thing or two about writing. These people are so cool and willing to impart of their knowledge.

You have to come! No exceptions. I don't care if you're from out of town like in Florida somewhere. You still need to quickly go buy a plane ticket and make it out to the Southtowne Barnes and Noble, tomorrow (February 6th) from 1-4 p.m. (10180 S. State Street, Sandy, UT)

I need to sell a hundred books or I'll lose a kidney in this stupid bet I made with some bookies out of Vegas. K. That's not true kids, but if you felt even the least amount of sympathy for that completely made up story and were considering coming out to save my bodily organs, than you need to channel that emotion and come out anyways!

There, I've done my part. I can do no more.

Also, the Whitney Awards finalists have been announced for 2009! These are some really outstanding books by a lot of my friends in the writing world. To be a finalist for the Whitney Awards is really something special. Now, I'm not a finalist, but I was nominated (thank you to all of my loyal friends for your support), and maybe one day I'll make it on the list. But if you look at the list, you'll realize how special it is to be a finalist. They really are the cream of the crop when it comes to writing. Good job everyone!

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Amy said...

I would immediately buy a ticket and fly out there this instant (don't think I missed that FL comment!), but the thought of pregnant, sicky me on a plane ... ugh. Plus, you mentioned Las Vegas, and it was there my all-day sickness began. Brought on by in-laws? Who's to say.