Mt. Pleasant

So, I know I've bored everyone time and time again with my daily book tour schedule, but I just have to blog about the awesome day I had yesterday.

First of all, I'm very grateful for the new friends I've made in Mt. Pleasant. Nate and Kate Palmer (and their five awesome kids, of course) were seriously some of the coolest people I've ever met. Kate organized the entire Mt. Pleasant tour which included trips and presentations to five schools (Fountain Green, Moroni, Fairview, Spring City and Mt. Pleasant) an interview with some amazing sixth graders from Mt. Pleasant that will air on their local cable access show (Justin, Jenna, and Madelyn, you guys rock), and a book signing at Mt. Pleasant public library hosted by my pals from the Orem Barnes and Noble (the very lovely duo of Brandi and Melyn.) I signed a ton of books and just had a blast.

And to think, before yesterday I had never heard of Mt. Pleasant. I actually thought I was going to Pleasant Grove which was a lot closer. Luckily, my wife pointed out that fact to me the night before, otherwise I would've been really late. It's like a 2 hour drive away and there was one point where I ran out of mountains. That was a little freaky because seriously, how do people from Utah know which direction their going without any mountains. Also, I think I almost hit a brand new species of animal with my car on my way home. It was a mix between a deer and a mountain goat and it was as big as my car. I'm not kidding. All right, I may have imagined it a little and there's a good chance it was just a really tall dog, but I screamed nonetheless and spoke in a foreign language for a solid five minutes after.

All joking aside, I just really enjoyed everything about my Mt. Pleasant tour. I didn't get lost because I followed Kate to every school. I was fed not once but twice! I like food. I should blog about food. And I made a complete fool of myself on television. Mark that off my bucket list. (Actually, I'm pretty sure I have had the misfortune of making a fool of myself on television a couple of times... playing basketball my senior year, singing in a high school musical production of Aladdin, whilst in attendance at a professional wrestling match, the list goes on and on and on...)

I want to go back again and just hang out with those good people.

Do you want to hear some great news?

Well, do you?

*** (imagine a blue cartoon dog or a little explorer girl with a talking backpack blinking and waiting for your response. Don't you just love children's television shows?)

All right, I'll tell you if you're not going to guess. The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness goes to press in less than 2 weeks! Holy Cow!!! That snuck up on me. I've actually seen some of the illustrations and I'm beside myself with joy. Literally. There I am sitting next to myself. Talk about your out of body experience. Pys...cho....

I should be blogging more about it really soon, so stay tuned.

Here are some pictures taken at one of the schools I visited on my tour a couple of weeks ago.

And since I know you're all dying to see me make a fool of myself, here's the link to the interview that's airing on Mt. Pleasant's Local television channel. Try not to laugh, or at least try not to play that silly game where you say "Hey, doesn't Frank look like that little black-haired dude off of Doogie Howser?" I hate that game.


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Kate said...

People are still telling me how much they enjoyed your presentation. Thanks for making the trek down here.

Heidi--I feel your pain. You are married to Frankie the Phantom, and you could say I'm married to Phantom Nate.

I'm working on a plan to have you visit in the spring.
Your interview is up on my blog.