Final Week

The tour has ended and in a way I'm sad. Sure, it was intense and exhausting. I got lost more than the Exodus. I caused more damage to my vehicle in gas, cracked windshield, and dented fenders than I'll ever make back in royalties. But I just had a ton of fun. The kids rocked! They laughed at all the right moments, they got excited and they came out to the book signings in hordes. This last week was no different. I started off at Beehive Elementary where my son attends and I'll admit, this was the most nerve-wracking of all the schools. I knew kids there and a couple of the awesome ladies in my neighborhood made it out to support me. I was glad that I only had one school on Monday because my work was so far behind that I needed to play catch up.

Tuesday I hit Daybreak, Jordan Ridge, Jordan Hills, South Jordan and Oquirrh Elementary schools. This was one of my longest days of the tour and I was really worried that I'd collapse and just have a terrible time, but it was by far one of my favorite days. The schools were awesome, everyone was excited and of course the kids just cracked me up! I huge thank you to Kristi, Pam, Annette, Mrs. Stevens and Keri for being there and ready for me. I owe you guys a ton for having it all prepared. It really helps the kids catch the vision of my presentation. I was even running late a couple of times, but somehow I made it and I really feel it all worked out perfectly. I know I'm not saying enough, but honestly, this day rocked! Memorable character created: Gassy Cassy

Wednesday - This was my last day and it was cold and rainy, but I only had three schools and then a signing at the Barnes and Noble. Started off at Foothills, then over to Riverton where I met the awesome Mrs. Fay who's married by the way to a professional bull rider! How cool is that? Than lastly to Bluffdale Elementary. I was dumbfounded. I had never been out that way before to Riverton or Bluffdale. It is an awesome area. Hmmm? Future place of residence? Maybe. Thank you to Carolyn, Reagan and Mr. Westwood for making my trip perfect. By the end of the tour I had grown stronger. Literally. Those easels are stinking heavy! On the first day I could barely drag one up to the office, but by the end I was carrying all three with one hand while pushing my car up a hill with the other to save on gas. No lie. Barnes and Noble rocked! I seriously am so grateful for the support of the all the kids and the teachers. It's hard sitting at a book signing especially when you're all by yourself and sitting at the front so you're the first person everyone sees when they come in the store. I got very good at directing people to the cafe and to Dan Brown's newest novel. We sold a ton of books and I scored a piece of pumpkin cheesecake for free! How's that for awesomeness? Memorable character created: Dumbo Black

I ended the week by hanging out (well kind of) with Brandon Mull at the Downtown Deseret Book Conference Saturday. I signed a lot of books, tried my best to schmooze the creator of Fablehaven. This was actually my tag line. "Hey, you should buy my book. It's half the size, half the price and half as good as Fablehaven!" Yeah, I have no shame.

Now, I'm headed back to Costcos. The work of a starving author is never done.

Oh, and congrats to Marcia and Lola Jae! You both win because I can't count either and I had a completely different number. Shoot me an e-mail and I'll hook you up with your prize!!!

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