Health Food Kicks

I get on these strange health food kicks periodically throughout the year. I know I've posted something along the lines of this in the past and for those of you that are bored with this topic, then by all means move along temporarily to another blog. I think our bodies try to tell us stuff from time to time, like for instance:

"Come on now Frank, you know what that's going to do to you?" or,

"That's not gonna taste so good coming up," or,

"All Bran.... Really?" or,

"You can't handle curly fries, boy, you know this." or,

"I think you'd do fine with a mineral water," or,

You get the idea...

I think my brain is trying to send a signal to me. Maybe a few blood vessles are complaining because there's not enough parking anymore, maybe it realizes I have an eating problem when I try to swallow my toothbrush just because it's in my mouth and I have developed a habit of chewing. Whatever the case, rest assured, I'm doing my best to remedy this issue.

Lately, I'll try something out just for kicks to see how I handle it. For example, I'm currently on this Slim Fast nutritional bar for breakfast kick. It says right on the label that it will control hunger for four hours. Now, these are pretty good. Chewy, kind of mysterious-like, almost chocolately, but what's that hint of cow pasture I'm tasting? And technically they will control hunger for four hours if you eat them constantly throughout the four hour period.

I'm sure I need to lose some weight, but I guess I'm not that concerned anymore about the whole weight deal. So what if my side of the bed sags almost to the floor. I kinda think Heidi likes being close to the ceiling fan. She doesn't complain. For me, I just want to feel less like a garbage disposal (which by the way I successful changed out my own at home without any injuries and only a few coins in the potty mouth jar.)

This is not a new thing for me. I remember in college when I was dating Heidi, I got started on the whole health food kick. I bought several boxes of all-fiber cereal which is more or less partical board in a box and I also purchased a few tubs of dried apricots. Man, those things are tasty and habit forming. I ate tub after tub and I felt like I was on top of the world. Of course, I had to run home in between classes for certain reasons and I dropped Heidi off at around 7:30 p.m. to conclude our date night because my stomach was making noises only fit for a rock quarry, but for a few days... I felt good.

I once saw a television show that talked about how are bodies will at times send signals on what we absolutely need in order to survive. Some guy was trapped on a raft out in the ocean for months and in order to live he had to catch fish and eat them raw. Well, after about a month of catching fish and throwing away the stuff you wouldn't normally eat, he suddenly developed a taste for like the eyeballs and stuff and that's all he wanted. Why? Because there are vitamins in the eyeballs that he absolutely needed for his body and he wasn't getting them from any other part of the fish. So in order for him to actually eat it, the brain told him that man those eyeballs look good. Why am I telling you this? I don't know. But right now my brain is telling me that I need an Oreo Fudge Shake from Arctic Circle. Should I shut it out? Not listen? Deny my brain??? I don't think so.

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