Update on the Shamwow Song

OK, after a few short days of having the Shamwow Song posted on my blog I went from amazed by how creative it was to absolutely hating it. The reason: Last night, at around 3 in the morning both of my boys woke up and weren't quiet about it. Jackson was hocking something up in the bathroom and boy did it echo and Gavin was trying to get mom to come talk to him because he wanted to tell on me. Apparently, I forgot to have them brush their teeth when I put them to bed that night and it was really bothering him. Anyways, I was very frustrated. The real problem was that every time I turned over in my bed to get comfortable and go back to sleep that stupid Shamwow song popped into my head. I think I even caught myself blurting out a few of the lyrics out loud. "You can cut it in half, use one as a bath mat..." Aargh! 2 hours later, I think I finally went to sleep, but not until I had rehearsed the song one million times in my head. That's right. One million. And to top it all off, I slept through my alarm in the morning.

Shamwow!!!!! Curse you!!! "You know the Germans always make good stuff!"

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coffee maker said...

the only thing better than the ShamWow is the Shamwow song...