I really don't have any one thing in particular I want to blog about at this time. No direction. So, I'll just blab a bit. I'm good at that.

No word yet on edits for The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters, but I'm guessing they'll be coming soon. I'm from the south for crying out loud. I don't need no grammar!

The second Hashbrown Adventure has hit a road block. I need a quiet dark place with no distractions: television, Internet, video games, blogs, facebook, fully-stocked refrigerator, handheld portable electronic devices, children, wall-knockers, silly putty, rocks, zip lock baggies, etc., etc. Until then, no writey-writey. OK, I guess that's not entirely true, but I'm easily distracted. When I write, I'm more like a seagull picking through a Wendy's wrapper in the parking lot of the Texas Roadhouse... no time to sit, think and enjoy myself.

I've got my other book (no title as of yet, but leaning in one particular direction) out in a couple of people's hands right now, going through it for edits and hang-ups. So far so good (maybe one or two hang-ups but nothing that can't be easily fixed.) This book is by far my best one to date.

I'm finishing up the sixth installment of the Artemis Fowl series and this one is draining me of pigment. There's only so much I can get out of one or two pages during the 5-10 minutes of solace I receive in the restroom.

My wife and I started the P90X workout program this morning and I learned how to say three new swear words in Polish, though I'm not sure if my accent is correct. I actually heard my hamstring play a perfect C chord while I was stretching. I was so proud!

I received my first letters as an author! Courtesy of Christen, err... sorry, Mrs. Sapp's 2nd grade class in Augusta, GA. These kids are really cool and asked some great questions! I was up all night last night trying my best to answer them. I'll definitely find a way to send them an exclusive copy of my book just as soon as I find one!

I'm extremely excited for the new release of Fablehaven 4 Secret of the Dragon Sanctuary. I just thought I'd say that.

I want to go on a cruise so bad!!!! I need the ocean and a 24-7 smorgasbord at my beckon call. P90X my eye!

I had my cholesterol check-up today and feel really good about breaking the all-time record. I've got Guinness on speed dial. "Here he comes! The walking, talking Crisco jar!"

I actually pulled out of the drive-in window lane at the local Wendy's. I had my order ready to place and decided that I wasn't going to do it. How's that for willpower?

I think Master and Commander of the Far Side of the World has now taken up a permanent spot in my top 5 movies of all time. It's so good!

Night Terror Update - No sign of Anderson Cooper, but the lil' lad on the motorized cart won't stop peaking in at me from our second story window and if there was an Olympic event for pillow chucking, I'm fairly confident I could carry home the bronze.

Baby vomit has to have some sort of medicinal value. It has to. I mean, this sludge is extremely abundant right now. Couldn't we find a way to power vehicles on it? "This just in... the cost of a barrel of oil is now over $100, but in related news, the entire west coast has gone completely cream" (the color of puke) get it? Going cream instead of going green? You people have no imagination! "The new 2010 Honda Hurl can now actually be refueled while driving with the latest installment of the Car Seat Catch!" Man, I'm a marketing monster!!!


The Paries said...

Frank--my husband just started P90X as well and I'm saying I'm going to start it with him when I get back home. Is it really that bad? He said he only threw up a few times after his first work out.

Frank Cole said...

Let me put it this way, it's not that hard if you stop half way and take a little nap, j/k. Actually, so far, I kind of like it.