New Year's Resolutions

It's that time again to start making some New Year's Resolutions. I'm no different than anyone else, in fact, I get a little depressed if I don't take the opportunity to perform an all out NYR writing ceremony. Thank goodness for blogs.
1. Get published - Hmmm, has that happened yet? I'll keep you posted!
2. Lose some weight - I won't say how much, but be satisfied with the knowledge that it's a lot. Let's put it this way, if I want to be back down to my High School weight, I'd have to become a double amputee. (Update, update! I've already canned the ***** ***** Diet because it was written by Lucifer! I don't want to really name it because it could be considered Libelous, but it has to do with a sandy area on the bottom arrow of the compass. Figure that puzzle out.)
3. Read 24 books - It doesn't matter what genre, I want to average 2 books a month for the whole year. I'm currently reading the third book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, The Titan's Curse. It is awesome!!! I should be done with that right on schedule and then its onto the next adventure.

4. Run a 5K - This has a lot to do with how well #2 goes. I can't walk up the stairs to my office without breaking a sweat.

5. Get another book published. But wait, one would have to have a current book published in order to get another book published... interesting...

6. Give up Soda - I'm restarting this resolution, there's a story behind this. I was dieting the past couple of days on that one diet spawned from the seventh level of Hades and I kept seeing those blessed KFC Big Box commercials. The ones with the Big Box of Chicken stuff! Never in my life had I experienced such a craving. I almost went out yesterday (Sunday) and bought me one. Luckily, I got control of myself and made a dash to KFC for lunch today. It was tasty, but overrated and the problem was it came with a jumbo drink. Now you can't get water in that jumbo cup, it says so on the receipt, what? It doesn't? Well it should! So, I've started anew.

7. Do a home improvement - Geez Frank, what kind of husband are you? Well, I'm not the home improvementy type of guy. I'm more of the let someone else do the work whilst I tell jokes in the background type of guy and it has suited me well so far. But I did install a garbage disposal, fixed a couple of holes in the wall (still haven't fixed the one I made with my elbow), and fixed our ceiling fan, so I'm getting there. Back off already!!! I'm thinking that I might try a lil' sumthin, sumthin in the basement. Who knows, get my drywall on (yeah, I can't pull that type of talk off.)

8. Become a camper - I think, if I'm not mistaken, in order to do this, one must commit to going camping. If anyone knows a loop hole to this rule, please let me know. I would love to be given the title of camper and not really ever have to go camping. OK, OK, it's not all that bad and plus, I promised the boys I'd take them this year.

9. Learn how to play Sweet Home Alabama on the Piano. I tried the guitar and I've mastered the first couple of notes, but it didn't really pan out the way I wanted it to. But I can play a shnazzy little rendition of Labamba which I love to sing along with at parties (which is probably why I haven't been invited back.)

10. Hone my craft - Or in terms I can understand, get better at writing. I got a brand new thesaurus (which technically means "the lizard" right?) and I also have a vocabulary builder book. I now know what the word Objurgate means. Neat!

On a side not, I really like my new socks that I bought with my Christmas money. I think they were the best purchase ever!!! New socks, ho-hum.


Kelmarie said...

The "sandy compass" diet has been updated, I think. Isn't there a new book, something with "supercharged" in the title? I think it is more lenient now. But what do I know....

Frank Cole said...

The Sandy Compass Diet has been buried in the backyard along with at least three tubs of Hummus and a carton of those yucky egg beaters. I may give it another chance. Now, I'm on the don't die this year diet. So far so good.