Five Random Things I Just Don't Understand

1. How you can be traveling South on 4th East heading toward 2nd North and everyone's OK with this? I come from a simple upbringing with roads with names. Directions were easy. "Head down Brownsferry 'till ya see the big tree that looks like a woman, turn left and go straight. My house will be on the right with a wrap around porch, if you hit the rail road tracks you've gone too far. Just ask Needles if you get lost... he'll know the way."

2. How models can walk out on a runway wearing nothing but paint or strips of bacon and that can be considered fashion. It looks like something my kids try to wear and I almost always say no.

3. How L.L. Cool J, long time rapper, could actually get away with using a line in one of his hard core rap songs that went, "Old English filled my mind and I came up with a funky rhyme!" At no point in his rap did he ever use any form of Old English. I kept expecting him to break out with something like, "I busted a cap right after havin' a spot of tea and crumpets. Tally ho!"

4. My wife actually made a meal using fat free half and half. How's that possible? What was one of the halves made of?

5. What Grimace from the McDonald's commercials is supposed to be? I get Ronald, I get the Hamburgaler, I even get the weird duck, but what's the purple gum drop supposed to represent? A Nexium tablet?

Supposedly if you label your post as a Tag and then quote unquote tag people you know, they have to by law do the same thing on their blog. I'm considering this to be one of those fancy "Tags" let's see if it works.
I tag the following 5 blogs:
The Nielsens
The Chapmans
The Lundys
The Montoyas
The Rushtons


Kelmarie said...

Awwww man, this is a hard one...will require some thinking.

Kristen said...

I didn't even know you read our (my) blog. If that's true, I'm flattered. I'll play but like Kelly, it's going to take some thinking. Stay tuned.

Melissa said...

Did it. The way you think and things you come up with are totally random and so funny! You would always have a job doing stand up comedy if people stop buying books. Abt LL Cool J - he was probably just trying to sound sophisticated and rhyme with the last verse...