A List of Favorites

I've been in somewhat of a rut as of late, trying to think of what to write on my blog. I've done quite a few nostalgic moments and those are fun, but right now they're not flowing as easily as they have done in the past. Sure the memories are there, but writing them out has become a little difficult. So for a change I'm going to list my favorites in a variety of categories.

Favorite Book - Ghost Soldiers by Hampton Sides - Not for the faint of heart. This book graphically illustrates what went on throughout the Bataan Death March in the Philippines during World War II. Its rough and at times very disturbing, but most importantly, it is the most patriotic book I have ever read. Plus, Hampton Sides is a pro at writing. The story was so good, I was at Disneyland antsy to get back to the hotel to finish.

Favorite Series - Oh come on now... Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling - I've never before been involved in the hype of a new book release until Harry Potter stormed the countryside. Honestly, was there even such a thing as a book release party before it? If you haven't read it because you didn't want to conform, now is the time to do so because most of the excitement has passed. No one needs to know.

Scariest Kids Book - The Taily Po by Joanna Galdone - This book scared me so bad, I slept on my parents floor for months when I was 6.

Scariest Adult Book - The Shining by Stephen King - This book scared me so bad, I slept on my parents floor for months when I was 18.

Favorite Burger - This is a tough one because I consider myself somewhat of an aficionado on burgers. To select one would be like trying to pick which kid I like the best. For now it will be a toss up between The Triple Cheeser burger from Ruby Tuesdays (I had this one downed before the waiter could return with the ketchup bottle for my fries) and the regular cheeseburger from Five Guys Burgers and Fries. When the dude handed me my burger and I saw that there was not one patty but two, I'm sure you could've heard me sobbing tears of joy as I sucked the cheese off the aluminum foil wrapper.

Favorite Soda - No question... Ale 8-1! Never heard of it? That's because it's bottled in my home town of Winchester, KY. Packed with so much caffeine you can't help but skip as you walk down the street wearing you hyper color tee-shirt and peg-legged blue jeans. What?

Favorite Chick Flick - Yes there is indeed one of these. Since, my wife for some reason loves them, I, from time to time, am forced to endure them. I have to be very selective because if I don't put my foot down and pick out the show I could be stuck watching Old English Austenesque shows where the only action happens when the stuffy rich dude and the scatter-brained homebody go on long walks and confess their love for each other in a completely incoherent language. "Oh Peabody, you are of good fortune and I am very happy to be your wife. Blah, blah, blah, insert subtitles here!" My top 5: You've Got Mail, Dan in Real Life, Princess Bride, The Family Stone and Braveheart (there's a girl in it for a little while!)

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