Teen Author Boot Camp 2015

Every year for the past 5 years (I think), I've had the privilege of participating in Teen Author Boot Camp. This writing conference takes place at UVU campus and the lovely and crazy talented ladies of Writer's Cubed have done somersaults through rings of fire to make it a smashing success.

Let me tell ya, folks, this event is a trip! I think it's my favorite event all year. I get to hang out with a freaking freight train filled with amazing authors (many of which I geek out around... no shame) as well as teach and chat with hundreds of teens who actually enjoy and love writing. It's amazing!

Everything about TABC is just cool. Here are a few pics of the festivities:

We were part of an epic Lip Sync showdown!

I signed some stuff... a few books... but a lot of other stuff too.

Trying to look like I know what I'm talking about.

I had a pretty good group! They were talkative and they even laughed at my jokes.

Here are all the authors.

Here's how we really are.

And another one from the Lip Sync showdown.

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