Book Review of The Last Archangel

A month or so ago I had the opportunity to read and review a copy of The Last Archangel by Michael Young. In a nutshell, this novel follows the adventure of a destroying angel named Xandir who has been exiled to earth. Xandir carries out a variety of destroying assignments with the use of his wickedly powerful swords. When Xandir is given the opportunity to bring back the woman that he loves, it sets in motion events that could ultimately destroy mankind. Filled with giants, cherubs, demons, and a variety of crazy and creepy characters, The Last Archangel is guaranteed to excite.

I really enjoyed reading this, particularly the action sequences that used a combination of witty humor and vivid descriptions to layout the scenes. I felt tis story had an almost Constantine feel to it and should appeal to both teen and adult readers looking for a gritty paranormal adventure.

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